One Planet News
We had a wonderful field trip to Riverview farm on October 1st! We went through a corn maze, picked apples and raspberries, and each got a pumpkin. The weather was perfect for visiting a farm. We all had a great time participating in this New England fall tradition.
Nurse's News
Health HUB Flu-Covid Vaccine Clinic- Second Date:

Due to the number of vaccines sent to the Clinic the day before, the first date of this clinic included fewer students. Therefore, we need to hold a second one. If your student was not vaccinated already (you would have received a notice indicating that they were) and was enrolled to receive a flu vaccine, they will be vaccinated on October 19th

Also- Please ignore the address and other location information on the auto-generated appointment notice that comes from SoRo Health Clinic re: the flu appointment. This is NOT the location; it will still be held at The Newton School. Thank you for your patience.

Note: please advocate with your pediatrician to get covid-vaccinated should you be going to a well-child check in the near future. This might be one vaccine that should be a priority over another if many are to be given that day, perhaps. Ask the pediatrician about this. 


Dartmouth Hitchcock Flu Clinic Information: 
Flu Hotline 603-653-3731
They are scheduling Drive thru appointments as well as clinic appointments. These appointments start Sept 26th. For more information please visit their web page.

The charts below are for Mount Ascutney Hospital (MAH) and Ottauquechee Health Center (OHC) Flu Clinics. These visits will be by appointment only. You can call MAH at (802) 674-7300 or OHC at (802) 457-3030 to schedule an appointment at one of those sites.

Covid testing will be coming to Newton School at the beginning of November…. Please stay tuned, as more information will follow. This is a optional program.  

Current Covid Testing Sites:

DHMC - fastest turnover from sample taken until results emailed. There is no need to go through your PCP. They answer the phone from 7 - 5 (M- F) and 8 - noon on Sat and Sun. The downside is that they shortened their testing window and are now only actually testing M-F from 8 - 10:45 AM. The other feedback I'm getting from parents is that some of them are waiting on hold up to 2 hours just to schedule a test.

Alice Peck Day - currently testing 1 hour a day (I think it's from 1 - 2 PM, but I'm not sure). The turnaround time is about 3 days for results, and it's been difficult for parents to get actual copies of test results; and verbal test results are unable to be used. 

Mt. Ascutney Hospital - takes about 2 - 3 days for results from time sample was taken until results emailed, but parents seem pleased with the facility and process.

Do NOT go to Clear Choice - At this time it is very slow and negative test results are mailed- will have to repeatedly call and get a verbal only. 

Vermont State Portal - various state-run test sites- I am hearing that they are a 48-72 hour turnover to get test results, and at least they are emailed rather quickly. Create an account easily and sign up for an appointment at a site nearest you. 

Note: The Fairlee location is open 7 days a week and weekend hours are 9 - noon. They have two days a week with evening hours of 4 - 6 PM. ***This place used to give results in 24 - 30 hours, but it has gotten so busy that we are now waiting about 3 days for results.

Walgreens- drive thru- I was told that this site was fast, but this is hearsay. Results are emailed though. 

YOU MUST GET A PCR TYPE TEST- NO RAPID-type TESTS ARE ACCEPTED at this time. Thank You. Stay Safe! Be Well! 
Lunchroom News
Ms. Kicza
Kindergarten learns at Number Corner at the beginning of each math class. They work with basic skills including using the calendar, patterns, and counting. They also graph the weather each day and look at the data monthly.
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
Yesterday we finished our first read aloud: Old Mother West Wind, by Thornton Burgess. The children enjoyed hearing about the animals that he brought to life. Our new one is The Great Googlestein Museum Mystery, by Jean Van Leeuwen. It is about three mice in New York City, and we will be learning a little about the Guggenheim Museum during this book.
Second Grade
Ms. Denney
This week in second grade we discussed addition and subtraction strategies
within 20 in math. We used number racks, bead strings, number lines, and an addition table as math tools! In phonics we focused on long vowels, including y as a vowel.

In reading we shared our opinions on
different books and authors. Students
chose an important place in our
community to begin their opinion writing
pieces. We also shared fire safety tips!
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
Our Friday began with a loud, excitable group of third graders exploring ToyTheater. The games, puzzles, and other activities are fun to play and can be challenging. They worked on persevering as well as sharing ideas with their peers.

The third graders used Google Slides to publish their Hopes and Dreams. They were excited to get to explore all the formatting options. Then, they published our Wolf Den rules on Google Slides. After that, they explored using Google Maps. The astonishment of soaring above Strafford and walking down the roads virtually was evident from their gasps and excited squeaks. We don't always use technology, but when we do, we love it!
6-8 Science and Math
Mr. Reimanis
In Science class the students have been learning about energy and work and ways to make it easier to accomplish using simple machines. The pulley and the lever can be used 
to do that. They had great inventions and original ideas when asked to create a compound machine using a few simple machines as components.
World Language
Ms. Ballou
Our second year World Languages and Cultures students have been working on learning the individual languages they picked for this year. Students chose a wide variety, from European to Japanese, Hawaiian, and Navajo. They will also be learning more about the culture of their individual languages. Students are also completing a mini-project, "A Word across the World", where they picked several words to explore what they look and sound like in seven languages of their choice. We hope to be able to share our findings with younger students.

Our first year students started the year by learning about the language tree, and then began their language exploration with German. They are learning colors, numbers, basic conversational phrases, and are also learning about the culture.
Learn More About The Sharon Academy High School -
Come to TSA’s in-person Information Event for Prospective Families

The Sharon Academy is working to develop the leaders our world urgently needs. To learn how, join our upcoming in-person “Learn More” Information Session, Sunday, October 17, from 3:30 – 5:30. Learn more about TSA High School’s approach to nurturing leadership abilities through rigorous academics and a deeper learning curriculum. We will answer questions, explain TSA’s Open Enrollment Policy, and describe transportation options. Students and families are both encouraged to attend. For more information, please call Amber Wylie - 763.2500 x203, email:, or visit our website:
The Lions Club is accepting donations for the Children's Pediatric Cancer units at DHM and UVM Medical Center. Please see the list at left of items they are accepting as donations. There is a donation box at the school if you or your student would like to donate.