Lunchroom News
“I know how you kids like my Sloppy Joes!” Hee hee, I have to say I really like them too, though I may be bias as I am the “Lunch Lady” after all.

Sloppy Joes are a super easy weeknight dinner when time is not necessarily on your side. Most of the time you can find all the ingredients already in your pantry and fridge. If you don’t have buns for serving you can always serve over rice or pasta…I’ve even tried them over grits, though I did melt cheese over the top for an extra flair of flavor and sloppiness.

Here’s how we make them at school:
One Planet News
At One Planet, we've been having a great time inside and out. Dungeons and Dragons club has a special new dungeon master, Tanner! On Fridays, we spend most of the afternoon outside. We've been snowshoeing, making forts, skiing, and having fun playing in the snow. Wednesdays we do arts and crafts with Miss Leslie and have been making puppets and performing puppet shows.

If you're interested in joining us, email for more information.
Art News
Art class is currently investigating the technique of drawing, and practicing and clarifying how we see our fellow students. Below are some examples of our recent works; we will keep learning about drawing, and have been using a digital tablet to demonstrate techniques class wide.
PTA News
Our February meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, February 2nd at 6 pm via Zoom. We are always happy to see new faces -- please join us!

Time: Feb 2, 2021 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 886 3829 4225
Passcode: 751238

In other news, the 2020-2021 Newton School PTA Student Directory is out! Please remember that having student contact information appear in the directory was optional and the directory only lists contact information for students for which we received the completed directory form.

And keep your eyes open for our annual appeal letter -- scheduled to hit your USPS box this week! As always, your support is greatly appreciated.
Nurse's News
It's been a slightly colder week and we are still keeping on with outdoor activities! We are so grateful for this! In maintaining this routine, we have found the need for more mask exchanges for our younger ones (they get wet quicker with condensing breath vapor in the cold). If folks could send their kiddos with extra masks, that would be great. Thank you!

In Health Class, we have started to teach about personal hygiene and dental care. Some grades have not yet been visited, but by the end of next week I am aiming to cover K-2. Of importance in the younger grades, we are emphasizing the order in which to wash certain body parts so as not to contaminate other body parts. We have also been talking about how to care for our teeth and what this means for our breath, the preservation of our second teeth, and our health overall.
Ms. Kicza
This week the kindergarten enjoyed the book Elmer. They listened, wrote about the setting, and discussed its message of inclusion and appreciating others who may look different. Then, inspired by the end of the book where the elephants all paint themselves in different ways to celebrate Elmer, they all painted their own elephants. After this painting project they chose to paint more throughout the week, making it a colorful, fun week in the kindergarten classroom!
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
We have been having a lot of fun in science. We talked about habitats and adaptations. We did an experiment where we put one hand in icy water, and the other in a “mitt” of fat (like a polar bear’s layer of fat), also in icy water to see if there was a difference. I think you can see by the pictures how that went!
Second Grade
Mrs. Marzot
What a wintery week! Recess this week was lots of fun with fresh snow for sliding and chunks for home building. Imaginative play has snuck over from Outdoor Education and it has been fun to watch them transform into animals.

We go outside every day for recess, as long as the temperatures are safe to do so. Please make sure that you send them in with snow pants and warm layers each day. Our classroom climate has been cooler this week, so it would be helpful for them to have a warm sweatshirt layer too.
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
Third graders have wrapped up our unit on pollinators and learned why honey bees are dying. More importantly, they have given some solutions to this problem. Over the remote week, they built homes for both honey bees and mason bees. This spring, we will be weeding and mulching our pollinator bed.

Students are now learning about how the Abenaki use and have used natural resources to survive here in Vermont. They have listened to Joseph Bruchac's stories of Gluskabe, and have been pouring over maps of our region. In the coming weeks, students will be learning more about transportation, tools, foods and hunting methods of the Abenaki.

In math, third graders have been working on estimating, and adding and subtracting three digit numbers using a variety of strategies including the standard algorithm. Third graders are expected to know and use their multiplication facts 0-10 by the end of May. Please help with asking them facts in the car and at home.
Fourth Grade
Mr. Walker
This year's goal for all the 4th graders has been being an involved and responsible citizen. Each week the students are asked to pick a goal to work on. They are then collecting evidence on how they met this goal.

Every Friday, they gather this evidence and do a short writing piece to include in their portfolio. The three goals that we are aspiring to are:

1st goal: Take responsibility for personal decisions and actions.
2nd goal: Demonstrate honorable behavior and courage to sustain it.
3rd goal: Respect differences and other points of view.

To help students meet their target, we have been looking at 8 different Habits of Mind. The first four of these are skills that include:
  • managing impulsivity
  • thinking flexibly
  • listening with understanding and empathy
  • taking responsible risks
Fifth & Sixth Grade
Ms. Tremblay
5th grade students are working on character traits, and identified a few awesome traits their classmates have! Look for their copy that is coming home.

6th grade students were making observations in their sit spots, and then measuring tracks for stride and straddle in the outdoor classroom with Becky. 
7/8 Science
Mr. Reimanis
In science class the 7th and 8th grades started learning about earth and space science, and explored the periodic table of the elements. They learned about how the table is organized and how to read it, and then made models of different elements. They will use this knowledge, and more, to understand how humans can ascertain the composition of objects very far away.