June 7, 2022

A view of the Newton School from the top of Shumacher Hill in the fall.


Writing Celebration

Barrett Hall

Friday, June 10 at 8:30AM

Step Up Day

Monday, June 13

Silver Lake Field Trip

Grades K-4

Tuesday, June 14


Wednesday, June 15 at 6PM

Last Day of School

Early Release

Thursday, June 16


Summer Reading Program at the Morrill Library!

summer reading program.jpg
School News

Nurse's News

Kerri Rainville, RN

The summer is here and I would like to wish everyone a very peaceful and playful summer following this third year of dealing with Covid-19.

In doing so, Newton School also wants to provide some resources that might be helpful for (dare I say) "post"-Covid grants and programs that reaching their end. Here in Strafford, we are very fortunate to have generous and kind residents who not only help out others, but provide many more extra resources that some towns may not always be able to. Please see the attached list that includes both Strafford-based and local resources for Strafford, and state residents, respectively. 

The federal government is offering free COVID test kits again. If you would like to order some (this round provides a total of 8 tests), please sign up through this link

Have a great summer! 


One Planet News

Jennie Friedman

One Planet Updates

This is our final week of One Planet for the school year. Our last day is this Friday, June 10th. There will be no One Planet next week.

These are some pictures of our adventures in the last few weeks. We had our fun field trip to the Montshire Museum where we learned about engineering and musical instruments, and played outside. We learned about ethnobotany and the edible plants around the Pocket Park. We made our own play-dough and paint in STEAM, and spent time by the creek. It's been such a fun year at One Planet! Thank you to our One Planet staff, our Newton community, and most of all to the One Planet kids for making our after school program so fun!

Summer Camp Information
One Planet students make tracks in an engineering activity at the Montshire Museum.
Five young students sit on a rock overlooking the West Branch river.
One Planet make homemade play-dough and paint on a table outside.

Lunchroom News

Gret Hewes

Classroom News
Kindergarten student work using stickers and line marks to show the number 15.
Kindergarten student work using stickers and popsicle sticks to show the number 11.
A bulletin board display showing kindergarten work using a variety of methods to show teen numbers.


Ms. Kicza

Kindergarten has been learning the teen numbers recently through partner games, building, bingo, adding, writing, and more. This week each chose a teen number and made a poster about it. 

First Grade
Mrs. Robinson

Our last writing piece this year is a narrative. After reviewing all of the elements (setting, character, what the character wants, problem, and solution), they are each working hard to include details to make their stories more interesting. We will share them as soon as we are finished.

June is always a fun month for our math calendar. Since our program does not have calendar markers for each day, we make our own! Each child thought about things they were looking forward to this summer and made a picture of it on a card.

Next week we will be writing letters to Ms. Denney, the second grade teacher, to tell her about ourselves, and ask any questions we might have about second grade. We will also have a step-up day soon where they will go to her classroom and visit for an hour.

We will also be digging up our mini landfill to see what kinds of materials decomposed, and what didn’t, over the last 6 weeks or so.

Two second grade students stand in front of a fence holding signs promoting their food drive.
Second grade students and their outdoor education teacher stand in a shallow pond. They are looking down into a net that the teacher is holding.
A group of second grade students sit at a picnic table outside while working on some writing.
Second Grade
Ms. Denney

Thank you all for your donations during the 2nd grade food drive in May! In total, we raised $100 and collected 59 items for our local food shelf! 

Last week during Outdoor Ed we went into  

the pond to look for newts! We discussed their life cycle and observations we had  

about the newts we found.

We have been working hard on our informational writing pieces. We read Guess Who’s In The Desert to discuss how  

nonfiction authors use questioning to engage their readers. During writing we  completed our informational writing pieces and shared the great information we  collected through our research with our  


Three third grade students are sitting at a table, using kits to assemble a small dump truck, crane, and bulldozer.
A third grade boy wearing a blue jacket and red mask lays on the classroom floor while playing with a model dump truck and bulldozer.
Two examples of third grade work, books that they made. One is titled "The Roller" and the other is titled, "Crusher and Conveyer Belt".
Third Grade
Ms. Coté

The third grade has been learning about quarries and the different types of rocks in Vermont, as well as the different trucks and large machines used to remove and transport the granite, marble, limestone, and other rocks. They also learned about the need for a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

In Vermont, throughout history leading into present times the quarries have been an important industry as they rely on Vermont's natural resources. After learning about rocks, it was a natural progression to how they are important in our state. 

One student hold a wooden board down while another student uses a hand saw to cut off an end.
Two students who are using a hand saw to cut a board pause to make a funny face at the camera.
Fourth grade students show off the birdhouses that they made.

Fourth Grade

Mr. Walker

What a fun time we have been having in fourth grade. This week the students have been putting all the math learning that they have done this year to create planter boxes and birdhouses. They were given a miniature box and birdhouse, and they had to make it three times the larger. They all did an amazing job!!

5-8 Humanities

Mr. Breen

In 5th grade Social Studies, we're making maps as we prepare to do some global geography and culture next year. The kids are mapping all kinds of things: baseball fields, the Netherlands, Iceland, Strafford, you name it.

In 6th grade Humanities, we're finishing up The Pushcart War and having some really great discussions. The 7th and 8th graders are gearing up for our field trip to Motio Recreation on Thursday, all while finishing primary source analysis essays and editing the middle school Lit Mag. 

Middle school students use a fish tank filled with water to experiment with principles of buoyancy.
A middle school student uses a ruler and Exacto knife to cut a large piece of cardboard for their boat project.
A boat made out of cardboard, sitting upside down so the bottom, which has been coated with a water-repellant agent, can dry.

7-8 Science, 6-8 Math

Mr. Reimanis

The 7th and 8th graders are building boats out of used cardboard and will test them in the pond soon. The whole middle school also did a service project a few weeks ago. We planted hundreds of trees and watered them until it rained. These trees will slow the severe erosion that is occurring along the Ompompanoosuc river between the villages. Thanks to the landowners for allowing us to conserve hayland while also creating diverse habitat.



Ms. Brooke

What a triumph for all those students who participated onstage at Arts Night! The Elementary classrooms worked together--and overcame jitters--to agree on, rehearse, and perform their respective songs:

  • Kindergarten - "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley
  • First - "Roar" by Katy Perry
  • Second - "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake
  • Third - "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars
  • Fourth - "Memories" by Maroon 5

We must also recognize our brave and talented Middle Schoolers for performing:

Leif Hanchett, Elizabeth Gortner, Angel Fisher, Ava MacPhail, Annelies Currier, Reagan Ekegren, Evie Patrissi, Levi Smith, and Elenore Mullins. And special thanks to Zac Adams for stepping in as emcee.

It was such a gift to be among the Newton community listening to the students spread joy. I am so very proud of their accomplishments. But it's not about me...I truly hope they are proud of themselves. They should be. 

Thank you for your support!

A student-created poster featuring a pale sunset behind a marshy foreground and mountain in the back. The poster says, "Never give up, you can do this."
Second Grade Book Reviews

Check our video channel next week for the complete video including all the 2nd graders!


Ms. Simone

Overdue and owed notices will be emailed out to students and their grown-ups this week! Please try and return as many books as you can before the end of the school year. Students who would like to borrow books for the summer can talk to me about that possibility.

We are wrapping up quite a year in the library! After 4 months of remote learning, followed by a year of library-on-a-cart, I have been experimenting with some new library programming. The students have been wonderful guinea pigs, gamely trying new things, and helping me learn as we go!

Among the activities we've done this year: 3rd grade created their own font, and then used it to make an inspirational poster inspired by two of our Red Clover books; 2nd grade recorded and edited video book reviews, learning to use the green screen; and 5th graders created their own video games.

Community News

Photo of the Justin Morrill Homestead from the vantage point of the gardens.

Open House at the Justin Morrill Homestead

Sunday, June 12 from 2-4 p.m.    

Families are invited to this FREE event for the community!

There will be an ice cream social and a puppet show at 2:30, with No Strings Marionette Co. presenting “Jack And The Beanstalk”. Tours of the Morril Homestead are also free that weekend.