Lunchroom NEWS
Exciting News!!!

We have been informed by the VT AOE that the program in which we are currently running which is feeding all students breakfast and lunch for free through the USDA has been extended.

We will be able to offer free breakfast and lunch to all our students this entire 2020-2021 school year.

We encourage families to use this opportunity to clear up any and all back balances, put some money on accounts, or set up accounts at so you are able to start next year fresh and worry free...when it comes to the Hot Lunch bill that is.

I also encourage all families to fill out our free and reduced meal applications. These applications have so many benefits for our entire school and after-school One Planet Program. We are able to apply for grants and funding we wouldn’t otherwise be able to apply for. These grants benefit all students and the community with our farm to school, fresh fruit and veggie program, One Planet.

If you haven’t already done so please fill out and send in these confidential forms. You can either email me directly at, or you can find the application on the website.

Next newsletter we will be including another delicious recipe so stay tuned!
One Planet News
We're taking great advantage of our ability to be outdoors in such perfect weather. Many of our activities have revolved around relishing the natural world. We've done color and nature scavenger hunts, created mobiles with natural objects, produced art from birch bark, built nests, and designed leaf collages. We've learned about animals that use camouflage and then replicated it in artwork. In a game of charades the children acted out their favorite local animals. Check out some photos!
Nurse's News
Passport to Winter Fun Program:
Hello Folks! It's time for the Passport for Winter Fun! Since this year we will be doing things differently due to COVID reasons, we are informing families about the Passport program via this link. Please peruse the information, decide if your student is interested in doing this, and send me an email letting me know so I can arrange for them to get the passport they need to document their activities in. I will need to know of their participation in the program by the end of November.

Health HUB Flu Clinic:
The Health HUB Flu clinic is being held at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, October 21. For all the folks who sent in their consent forms, there is a flu shot awaiting you!
For those who have not had a flu shot, please consider getting one in the near future. This prevention is most important during COVID-19 times. Having the flu impact your health alongside COVID19 potential is not advisable.
Ms. Kicza
The children have been working on remembering classmates’ names, and learning to recognize their own and others’ names in writing. This week everyone made their own names in glitter. The goal was to notice how their names are made and practice fine motor skills, but it was also glittery fun with cool results!

We will have a kindergarten teacher-parent-student google meet Monday, October 19 at 5:00. I will send more information and iPads home Monday. I look forward to seeing you then if you can make it.
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
Reading groups are in full swing, meeting daily, and in math we have been measuring with popsicle sticks and cubes. We have also been using number lines and our number racks to practice counting and addition.

A couple of times we have gone over to Barrett Hall on rainy days. What a great place for them to be able to move around in!
Second Grade
Mrs. Marzot
We had a great short week together!

We read about problems and solutions in Reading, we seated Bean People at a dinner party in Math, wrote about what to serve in our own Good Day Cafe, and collaborated respectfully throughout the week.

Read more about our week!
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
This week ended with the third graders building shelters in the forest. They worked in teams of three collaboratively. What a joy! It rained only a little, but everyone was dressed for the time outdoors.

Thank you for sending in your child with appropriate footwear and outdoor clothing. Starting next week, our outdoor education time will be with Becky Proulx at 1:30 until 2:45 on Thursdays.
Fourth Grade
Mr. Walker
We have had another wonderful week of team building in Alligator Alley. Part of this team building centered around what a strong speaker looks like and what a strong listener looks like. The students decided that there are a few similarities between the twoboth a listener and a speaker should look their audience in the eye, and show good body language by turning their body towards the person they are communicating with.

We also did some outdoor team building, and it was so wonderful to see and hear all the students cheering each other on! We talked about how powerful it is in everyone's life to have support from others.
Fifth Grade
Ms. Tremblay
Our 5th grade students have been enjoying the artist in residence program! They were using the elements from nature to create an image with the sun, special paper and water.
Middle School Math & Science
Mr. Reimanis
The 7th and 8th graders continued with a few outdoor projects during our morning time, one of which was a new picnic table. They based it on the design of the tables already there.

Good work everyone!
Mr. usher
In one of the first art experiences of the year, 3rd and 4th grade students made rhythmic chalk tracings that created an interesting and colorful composition.

Stay tuned for many more vibrant things to come!