Lunchroom News
This week we would like to share the numbers of meals that just our SU have fed and are continuing to feed through this COVID pandemic. We are so proud to be a part of the Food Service programs in this great State of Vermont that rallied when called upon and showed up to be sure all kids had access to two meals a day, five days a week.

85,300 breakfasts
103,000 lunches
That is almost 200,000 meals.
That works out to over 515 meals each day of the last year.

Without every single one of our Newton Faculty and Staff members banding together when we needed them, from making deliveries last year, to helping put together bag lunches and to the communities that continue to support our programs.  We would not have been able to contribute to this endeavor as smoothly and seamlessly as we did and still do.

To ALL of you, thank you!

“At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you lifted up. Who you’ve made better, it’s about what you have given back.” 
– Denzel Washington
Athletics News
It's softball season! Softball practices and games will be Tuesdays and Thursdays! Softball practices will be 3:30-4:30-4:45. Softball games will start at 6:00.

Practices for ALL teams will be held at the field next to the recycling center. Players need cleats, gloves, water bottles, and masks! Shirts and hats will be provided. Gray baseball pants are required for softball games. Please fill out the registration form, and review the Covid guidelines.

Contact Neal MacPhail with any questions.
One Planet News
Registration for Spring Session
You can now sign up for our Spring Session (4/26 - 5/28). Email Jennie to request a registration form. The Spring Session will include the activities below:

Monday: K-4 Dungeons and Dragons
Tuesday: Nature Art
Wednesday: 5-8 Dungeons and Dragons/ K-4 STEAM
Thursday: Kid World Citizen
Friday: Making Art for Others

Summer One Planet Camp
Registration is open! Reserve your spot by filling out the registration packet and sending in half of your payment. Camp is open to students currently in K - 6th grade. Click here for the packet. Here are our weekly themes:

July 5th - 9th: Teambuilding
July 12th - 16th: Imagine, Transform, Create!
July 19th - 23th: Wilderness Survival
July 26th - 30th: Farm to Table
Aug 2nd - 6th: One Planet's Got Talent

Kindergarten relaxes and explores by the water
Mrs. White shows kindergarten places on the globe
Kindergarten student takes part in phonics activities
Ms. Kicza
We enjoyed some great weather as the children shed layers throughout the week. By Thursday we were in the water near school then the river behind the pocket park. Each day the children reported how many little yellow flowers (coltsfoot) they saw on our way to the forest, and each day there was a new math equation about it.

We explored other signs of spring together this week and have some great observers!
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
I am seeing a lot of great reading progress. When they are not in reading group or doing an assignment, they have been playing some fun vowel team (Muddy Pigs), and sight word (Shark Attack) games. Our mini lessons this week have been about how authors make their writing interesting by using fun words, repeating words, and making up words.

Today for tech time, the first graders read the poem "The Secret Song" by Margaret Wise Brown, while a buddy recorded it on their iPads. There are many steps to doing a good recording of someone, especially outside!
Second graders enjoying the outdoor classroom
Second graders on the hilltop, enjoying outdoor ed
Second graders work in pairs on math problems in the classroom
Second Grade
Mrs. Marzot
What a beautiful week!

We had a great time learning and working together this week. Please check out our newsletter below to hear more!
As part of our weekly Spanish mini-lessons, students learned a poem and recorded themselves reading it.
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
We have been listening to Gordon Korman's Everest series in conjunction with learning about plate tectonics in science. The third graders have been unpacking a lot of information about the Earth and its layers, the rock cycle and how plates move over the mantle. They have learned that there are three main ways that plates move causing volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains and tsunamis. 
Students have been learning about liquid measurement, mass, as well as fractions. Students have been identifying fractions on a number line, drawing out unit fractions and figuring out equivalent fractions. In outdoor education, we have spent time at the Pocket Park finding rocks, sorting rocks, and learning about the various sizes of sediment found in the West Branch of the Ompompanussuc River. 

As the weather has continued to warm as the day goes on, students are excited to be able to play Four Square and Kickball again. We will be testing daily from Monday through Thursday this week, in the mornings. The afternoons will be spent doing projects like assembling wooden pencil boxes, sewing pillows out of fleece, and painting.  
4th grade idiom Chasing rainbows
4th grade idiom Full of Hot Air
4th grade idiom Face Like Thunder
Fourth Grade
Mr. Walker
This past week the fourth grade class began our weather unit. So far we've learned about the different layers of the atmosphere, and discovered that all of our weather takes place in the troposphere (the part of the atmosphere that is closest to the earth).

We will be continuing on in our studies to learn about things such as the water cycle, how we can use the clouds to predict weather, and about warm and cold fronts among other things. We also learned how the weather takes center stage in some common idioms that help us express ourselves in more interesting ways when we talk and write -- take a look!