Lunchroom News
With the holidays right around the corner my thoughts drift toward warm and cozy and of course…comfort food! Some of my fondest memories as a child with my parents were made around the dining room table. The laughter and love will stay with me always, helping to warm me and lighten my heart on a cold and dark winter’s day.

At my Mum’s house we would wake up to the smell of pancakes beckoning us down the hall for a special breakfast and extra syrup. At Dad’s we could count on pancakes being made into letters, shapes and pancakes that were never ever round.

Here’s the recipe for our pancakes and with it the hope of the memories you make that will last a lifetime.
One Planet News
The One Planet After School Program has been enjoying a combination of indoor and outdoor activities. The photos below capture a glimpse of some of our projects. Our Monday Random Acts of Kindness Club left cheerful messages for the staff using sidewalk chalk. Our Wednesday Arts Group is seen building miniature homes out of boxes. The Friday Nature Art Group created fairy houses in the woods behind the soccer field. We've been having fun and learning a lot. Have your kids join us if it fits into your schedule!
Nurse's News
Other COVID-19 Considerations and Updates:
  • Please send in the results of any COVID-19 tests that were done. These can be sent electronically, by taking a picture and forwarding that; or sending it in via your student or snail mail. Thank you very much!
  • With even one COVID symptom, please communicate with Nurse Kerri at to screen and process these in accordance with the DoH protocols.
  • Those experiencing COVD-19 symptoms should not do drop-off and/or pick-ups through the school portico line.

Vision and Hearing Screenings:
Students will be getting screened via the Lions Club vision screening camera on December 8th. Keep an eye out for any communication about these anomalies, if detected, sent home after this date.

Vision and Hearing screenings will (also) be done via the Snellen chart and the auditory testing instrument used here at the school beginning the week of November 16th.
Ms. Kicza
This week in kindergarten we did a paper math assessment and other assessments in preparation for report cards and conferences. While it was new for the students, they took it seriously and tried their best. It was good to check in individually on their academic progress. I look forward to sharing it with you at conferences next Thursday and Friday. If you do not know when your child’s conference is, or you need an iPad sent home for that, please email me. Thank you!
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
Last week we finished our opinion writing unit with a piece about our favorite season. They are hanging in the hallway currently, and will be sent home soon. We also made a bar graph comparing everyone’s favorite. Winter is a VERY popular season!

This week we started a science unit about some of our body systems. We have learned about our “bossy brains,” and our hearts so far. As we learn about them, they are coloring miniature versions and gluing them on to a miniature body. We watched a couple of videos to reinforce what we had learned.
Second grader working outside.
Second grader in the outdoor classroom.
Second Grade
Mrs. Marzot
Next week we will have conferences on Thursday and Friday through Google Meets. I have sent an invitation to your email address as well as your second grader’s google account. Please let me know if you would like me to send home your child’s Chromebook for this Google Meet. Also, please let me know if you have any questions about how this process will work for virtual student led conferences. I am excited to meet with you all next week.

Next week we will spend time practicing for conferences before their scheduled conference so that they feel more comfortable being the star of the show.
Second graders explore the stream.
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
Third graders have been reviewing their work and reflecting upon their progress in anticipation of student-led parent-teacher conferences.

Some highlights of our week: Spanish class on Friday morning has been a happy challenge with Señora Pyle leading us all. The children have enjoyed outdoor education with Becky Proulx. They have been connecting their book knowledge of bats to the forest and field classroom knowledge. They have also enjoyed the interactive read-alouds of the Fountas and Pinnell reading program. These are shiny new books which are carefully selected; I have been impressed with the quality of the texts.

I am looking forward to virtual conferences on Thursday and Friday. Until then, let's all try to get some extra rest, more fluids, and relax outside of school hours. Be well.
Students work on using a compass during outdoor education.
Fourth grade students work on identifying areas on a large map of Strafford.
Fourth Grade
Mr. Walker
What amazing weather we have been having. It's been so nice getting outside and working with mapping. This week we worked with Becky Proulx to lay out the school grounds using compasses. The students have also been working with local maps and discovering the many important aspects that a map contains.
Fourth grade students work on identifying areas on a large map of Strafford.
Middle School Social Studies & English
Mr. Breen
In Social Studies, 5/6 spent the week learning about Veteran's day and working on cards for our local veterans. Meanwhile, 7/8 made posters and helped organize the card-making campaign. The 7/8 also finished up the editing process for their trimester papers on "What makes us human?"
Library & Technology
Simone Pyle
Library classes are in full swing with our Mobile Library-on-a-Cart! The students have been learning about the various ways they can request books online at the Newton School Learning Commons website. Take a moment to poke around this site, which has loads of resources for both in-school and remote learning.