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One Planet News
Here is the One Planet schedule for the Winter Session (1/10 - 3/18). Note that we have 3 Middle School Clubs: Dungeons & Dragons, Wool Workshop, and Drama Club this session. Email Jennie for more information or to register!
One Planet winter schedule
Lunchroom News
Ms. Kicza
There is a lot of fun literacy learning going on in kindergarten these days! Group activities this week included reading in small groups, working with the letters x and y, reviewing vowel sounds with a song, handwriting names and letters, discussing books read to them, pointing out punctuation in the morning message, hearing poems, and illustrating a poem they've memorized. Some individual activities chosen included letter and word puzzles, matching uppercase and lowercase letter mittens, phonics games on iPads, matching toy objects to letters by initial sound, and rereading books in the classroom.
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
Happy New Year! We had many fun activities to finish up before the holiday break. We went carolling with the Kindergarteners and Brooke…all the way to Coburns! We also REALLY enjoyed the drumming Artist in Residence. Many thanks to the PTA for funding that!

When we came back on Monday we revisited our Hopes and Dreams that we wrote at the beginning of the year. Then we moved on to talking about resolutions, and what that might look like for us here at school. They had many good ideas to share.

On Wednesday we started our animal organism unit. We watched a video and talked about living and nonliving things. Then on Thursday we started classifying animals into groups: mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and insects. We cut animals out of magazines and started sorting them. We will learn more about the differences between them, adaptations, habitats, camouflage, etc. in the coming week or two.
Second Grade
Ms. Denney
Happy New Year! We had a great first week back from winter break!

In math, we solved story problems that our classmates created. In reading,
we learned about synonyms and antonyms and began to discuss how to write a letter about a book we have read. We also started our new writing unit on personal narratives. Each student brainstormed a list of moments they had strong feelings for in their life. We will begin our story writing process next week!
Inukshuk wall built in the 3rd grade classroom
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
Third graders came back from break with lots of energy! On Monday we reviewed the rules we created together. We painted with watercolors on Tuesday morning. We built Inukshuks on Wednesday. Thursday morning, we had a 15 minute choice period to use the rocks, triple beam balances, and the pan balance, as well as other manipulatives. Friday, we played on the website, Toy Theater, and many shared how they excelled in one game or another. Some were puzzles, some involved math, some had skill building and all were excited.

This week we started learning about the Abenaki from long ago and the tribe as it is today. I read from The Faithful Hunter by Joseph Bruchac about how Skunk got his stripes. These stories are meant to teach lessons. Students were engaged and listening. We will continue to learn about how the Abenaki used their natural resources to build their homes and modes of transportation. In Outdoor Ed, Becky guided them to the Pocket Park to use their hand lenses and record nature up close, and journal about what they noticed. We were all entertained by a group of ravens swooping about and chortling.

Please continue to send in plenty of outdoor gear like mittens, gloves, hats, and snowpants. We expect some chilly weather this coming week. Students have gotten time to play outdoors and slide as well as play and build forts.
6-8 Humanities, 5 Social Studies
Mr. Breen
Hope everyone had a good break! In 5th and 6th grade Humanities, we've been learning about the colonization of the United States. In 7th and 8th grade, we've begun putting together our research papers.
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