The Newton News
November 1, 2019
K-2 News
Anmari Kicza, Alyssa Marzot & Marie Robinson
The K-2 celebrated Halloween on Thursday afternoon! The children got to float from room to room taking part in various activities. In one room we had healthy snacks of clementine jack-o-lanterns and banana ghosts. Students were also given 10 popsicle sticks, 3 rubber bands, one bottle cap and hot glue, and had to figure out how to make a catapult for a pumpkin eraser. Some experimented with how far and how high the pumpkin could go.

In Ms. Kicza’s room was Pin the Face on the Jack-o-lantern, Ghostbusters, and making paper jack-o-lanterns. The third room was the art room, where children could paint Halloween characters on wood cookies, and/or make spider web designs with white crayons and watercolor paints.

Thank you so much to all the parents who sent in supplies for our Halloween celebration and thank you to Dana, Hillary, Meg, and Nicole for helping out during the afternoon. We appreciate all the support!
3/4 News
Denise Coté & Lauren Lacasse
The third and fourth graders finished up a wild week with a short movie and a special treat that Mrs. Lacasse made for everyone. Yum! 

The third graders read to the kindergarteners on Wednesday. It is always sweet to see the new pairings! The Halloween books were enjoyed by many.

In art class, students have been making haunted houses and drawing scary images. They also have worked in oil pastels on a picture of three pumpkins. They have been wonderfully patient as they steadfastly worked step-by-step. 

Have a healthy weekend everyone!
5/6 News
Jasmine Tremblay & Eric Walker
Students have been learning how to use a green screen in filming. They are applying their new skills to introduce their upcoming play in a movie preview format. We are proud of their collaboration, communication and self-directed learning.

Please join us for their performance on November 7, at 5:30 in Barrett Hall.
Lunch Room News
Gret Hewes

We had our October Taste Test on Tuesday! We tried Hubbard squash from our Newton gardens. Be sure to see the Farm to School section of the newsletter for results.

We can’t forget HALLOWEEN!!!

What a far-out day…if you haven’t heard from the kiddos, our theme this year was SCOOBY DOO!

We had some delicious Scooby and Shaggy favorites on the menu. Hoagies and grinders, frozen grapes, chips and Scooby snacks. Ask your kids about it, it was such a blast.

A special shout out goes out to Mrs. Tremblay and Mr. Walker’s 5/6 students, who made our decorations even more amazing with an incredible piece of art—a copy of the Mystery Machine! And a huge thank you to everyone who helped us with bringing all those heart warming smiles to the student’s faces this Halloween.
Music News
Julia Waswo

All grades have been creating and playing with Musical Fortune-Tellers!
Musical Fortune Tellers have become a fun opportunity for the students to practice spelling their music vocabulary words and to perform for their peers with a variety of voices and songs.

In addition…

K: Singing and dancing to songs about apples and pumpkins.
1/2: Learning about the many genres of music.
3: Exploring the instruments of the Woodwind family.
4/5/6: Identifying, reading and creating rhythm patterns. 
Athletic News
Laura DeCapua
Soccer Updates

Excellent soccer season, Roadrunners! If you haven’t turned in your uniform, please do so.

Basketball Updates

And now, on to basketball! If your student is interested in playing basketball, please fill out this short survey HERE. In the recent past, Newton has been able to field teams for both boys and girls for 3/4 and 5/6. Once we have the survey results back we can begin to pull together rosters to see if we have enough interest in the different age groups, if we’ll need to combine teams or possibly offer players other opportunities at other schools.

Please sign your student up by November 8 by filling out the survey. Practice and games begin after Thanksgiving; practice schedules are TBD. If there is interest and coaches for K-2 basketball skills clinics and/or team, I’m happy to get this started at Newton. Please email with questions and feedback.
PTA News
Christine Bailey-Kellogg
Halloween Thank You!

A big shout out to everyone who made this year's Halloween Celebration happen. It's a big undertaking and wouldn't happen without volunteer and community support. Thanks to:

  • Everyone - kids, parents and community members - for their flexibility and understanding when the PTA decided to shift the festivities to Friday in response to extreme weather predictions and our concern for safety.

  • Shannon Varley, who coordinated the entire Halloween event!

  • Everyone who donated candy or other goodies to make Trick-or-Treating fun for our kiddos.

  • Special thanks to Christa Wurm and her crew of volunteers for coordinating the candy distribution!

  • All pumpkin-carvers who made our Jack-o-Lantern contest amazing as usual, and to Ellen Bagnato, Hilary McNamee and Kim Hanchett for judging and ribbons.

  • Kira Campbell and the eighth graders who put on an amazing Haunted House experience!

  • All those who came to enjoy the Spaghetti dinner. Thanks also to Shannon and everyone who helped put on the dinner by donating, prepping, greeting, serving, and cleaning up.

Next meeting - help needed!

Our next meeting is this coming Tuesday, November 5th at 6:00 in the library. We will hold a short meeting and then be putting together the appeals mailing. We really need volunteers to help us stuff, stamp and seal envelopes. Many hands make light work, so please help us if you can. Even if you can't stay until we're done, a half hour or hour of time would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!