PTA News
Student Directory:
The forms for the Newton School Student Directory will be going home again this week. Please take a minute to fill them out and return them, so we can get the directory sent home as soon as possible!

Halloween in Strafford looked a bit different this year, but we hope that the kids will remember it fondly! Big thanks to the teachers and staff for their efforts in making this a special day, and another big thanks to all who participated in the Pumpkin fun.

Next Meeting:
Please note, our next meeting will be at 6 pm on November 9th- the change in date is due to the election.

Topic: The Newton School PTA October Meeting
Time: Nov 9, 2020 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 883 6261 8317
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Lunchroom News
It’s amazing how quickly time is flying by. It feels yesterday we were starting school and here we are a week away from November.

Halloween in the cafeteria wasn't able to happen this year, but what we planned instead was so fun and exciting!

I thought this week I would include a recipe I know the kids and staff alike really enjoy!
Nurse's News
Tdap Vaccine - 6th grade and up:
There are still some students who need their Tdap vaccine. Please check your records for this important vaccine, especially during COVID times!

Flu vaccine importance during COVID times: 
Please consider getting this vaccine, as having COVID coexisting with, or overlapping of, recoveries of both are not advisable.

Returning to school following Covid-19 related symptoms:
Understandably, there are a lot of questions about students returning to school after being sent home for Covid-19 related symptoms. Although it needs to be stressed that no symptom pathway is linear or explained simply only by using this algorithm, the Vermont Department of Health has recommended that we post this Triage, Evaluation, Testing and Return to School flowchart for some guidance for parents and guardians of students to gain clarity on the outcomes of an illness. Please keep in mind that your family doctor will have further details and guidance specific to your individual case, AND NOTE THAT THIS CAN CHANGE ANYTIME, but generally speaking, this algorithm will answer many questions you may have.
Ms. Kicza
Thursday afternoon, with Nurse Kerri as a helper, everyone carved pumpkins. They planned their own designs and used tools to cut them out. They did a great job, had fun, and the jack o’ lanterns look great! Thank you to the PTA for getting pumpkins for everyone!
First graders have math class in their outdoor classroom.
First graders carve their pumpkins.
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
During outdoor time with Becky we have been finding the temperature of various places around our outdoor classroom after predicting where we think the colder and warmer places would be.

This week we worked together to bring log chunks up to our area to sit on. After getting them up there ( with lots of teamwork and 5 wagons), Becky gave each child a 6 foot tape measure (to be included in our outdoor backpacks) and made sure that they were all 6 feet apart. Many thanks to Kevin Plunkett for donating the wood chunks for our classroom!
Second Grade
Mrs. Marzot
We had another fun week in Narwhal Nook! The narwhals continue to show how kind and considerate second graders can be. Each day, students go out of their way to help their classmates. We have also been practicing our speaking and listening skills through questions and comments during sharing. They are doing a great job with this too!
Third grade jack-o-lanterns on display.
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
Third graders thoroughly enjoyed the last week and how we managed to stretch out celebrating the spooky season for a few days. Now we are in the stretch before report cards and parent teacher conferences. We have assessments to take and some new goals to make. The children all will benefit from practicing spelling their spelling words and knowing how to use them in their writing pieces. They are all getting better at keyboarding.

We all have figured out our routines and expectations so that our daily routine is fairly smooth. This class has been very good at working through any problems and concerns. We will keep up the on-going communication with each other.
Thank you for sending in your new afternoon dismissal sheets; these help me at the end of the day to sort where children are going. With soccer having ended, new sports schedules may be coming. Also, know that the Chromebooks will be heading home one night this week so we can practice the care of Chromebooks to and from school, get on to Google Classroom from home, and come to a Google Meet together. These skills are important to practice. Thank you. What a great group of kids!
Fourth graders show of their jack-o-lanterns.
Fourth Grade
Mr. Walker
The 4th graders had a busy week with writing assignments, math concepts, reading numerous short stories, and learning about the United States. With all that going on, we all took a much-deserved break to celebrate Halloween.

Everyone carved a pumpkin on Wednesday, and then we had a fantastic day on Friday listening to scary stories, dancing, and playing musical chairs. Thank you, PTA, for everything you did to make this day so special.
Fifth Grade
Ms. Tremblay
Our students have been busy learning about design thinking through maker space projects like designing and creating their own science notebooks, jack-o-lanterns, and maker notebooks.
Student work with stencils.
Student work with stencils.
Mr. Usher
Recently many grades have been exploring learning how to make stencils from images they choose. A stencil is a reusable cut-out image, usually on a hard paper or plastic laminate, which can be painted onto different surfaces with different colors. Students were impressed with the variety of things they could do with just one stencil by changing the composition and colors.

This project is part of developing our artistic identity as students and figuring out which images and content relate to our personality . This year we will continue to develop our "artistic tool kit", which will help us develop going forwards to achieve and apply creative skills to all areas of our studies and life.
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