Lunchroom News
Spring is on its way. Can’t you feel it in the air? We are just a little over a week away from one of my favorite food holidays.

Okay, okay, all holidays are my favorites, they all have food!

Saint Patrick’s Day, or I should say the Saturday morning after Saint Patrick’s Day, is the holiday I’m talking about. It’s Irish Boxty Day!

Wait…what? You’ve never heard of Irish Boxty? Well now, we need to remedy that.

Irish Boxty is the perfect left over mashed potatoes breakfast food. Just add some sausage or bacon and a couple farm fresh eggs alongside a couple Irish Boxty and you are in for a delicious and hearty treat!
PTA News
The PTA would like to thank all the awesome Strafford kids and families who got involved with Winterpalooza! Additional thanks to Coburn's for cheerfully dealing with a flood of coupons, and to The Strafford Organic Creamery for sponsoring the "challenge prize."

Please enjoy this slideshow (and remember that it includes both photos OF children and photos BY children...)
One Planet News
One Planet March/April Session is going on now! Email with questions or to sign up. Here is this session's enrichment schedule: 

Mondays - Nature Photography and Painting

Tuesdays - Dungeons and Dragons (K-4th grade)

Wednesdays - Dungeons and Dragons(5th – 8th grades) / Full STEAM Ahead

Thursdays -  / Full STEAM Ahead

Fridays - Filmmaking Fun
Ms. Kicza
One of our kindergarten activities included walking down to the brook to find winter stoneflies (after we found and identified one in our classroom) and playing in the beautiful, sunny, warm day! We found more of the insects, played near the water, collected rocks, found signs of beaver and deer, and had a lot of fun.

We have also been learning about animals that camouflage in winter. While pretending to be hungry lynx, we found brown and white snowshoe hares on the forest edge and talked about which was easier to see and why. We reviewed what animals do to survive the cold winter, such as migrate, hibernate, and change like a snowshoe hare.
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
We are all back in the swing of things after our winter break. AND, spring is coming! Yay!

We had a great outdoor time with Becky this week. The first graders will be observing buds on the trees over the next few weeks (at least) to see what is happening with them.
Second Grade
Mrs. Marzot
We had a great week together in the sunshine and warmer weather! Report cards were sent home last week; please check your child’s home-school folder. I also sent out Google Meet invitations for your child’s student led conference this Thursday or Friday. Please let me know if you need your child’s device to be sent home for their conference. Next week we will work on getting our materials ready for our conferences and practicing how to share. 

During lunch this week we listened to two Rebel Girls’ podcasts. We listened to the biographies of Simone Biles and Grace O’Malley. They seemed to like hearing about the pirate best!
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
Third grade students have been learning about bar graphs, line plots, and tally charts as a way to share information. They have completed their essays about how the Abenaki used natural resources to survive by making houses and canoes. They have also been improving in their reading and love to take time to read in class.

We have just started exploring rocks and fossils. Feel free to start sending in special rocks or small collections for students to share with the class. 
Fifth & Sixth Grade
Ms. Tremblay
Students have enjoyed the outdoor weather this week. In Outdoor Education, Becky inspired us to brainstorm what materials make for a good fire. Their challenge will be to build just the right size fire to burn through a string. While listening, some 5th grade students built snow towers. 
Middle School Social Studies and Literature
Mr. Breen
Seventh and 8th grade has started learning about ancient Greece in Social Studies class. This week we read some Herodotus and some secondary sources on the Persian Empire. In English, we wrapped up a story writing unit and got started on some of our third trimester writing and reading work.

Sixth grade has been hard at work prepping for student-led conferences. We also just finished writing research papers about South America. It was hard work! Be sure to congratulate your child on finishing, they did a great job.

Fifth grade is just about done with their learning on South America. Soon we'll start our own research projects.
7/8 Science
Mr. Reimanis
This week in middle school math classes we learned about the number Pi and how to use it in a variety of ways. The video shows a paper chain that students made. Each color represents a certain digit and they are assembled to model the number Pi. Among the many facts about Pi (use it to find the circumference or diameter of a circle, the area of a circle, the surface area of a sphere, volume of a sphere, cylinder and cone....) is the interesting fact that is has no long repeating number patterns and it appears to go on forever (at least to six trillion digits so far).