Nurse's News
Health HUB vaccination clinic and others
Please note that there seems to be a slight shortage of pediatric (age 5-11) vaccines at this time. For the time being, Health HUB is asking that folks take their kids elsewhere for vaccinations, as we can only fulfill the second doses of those who have already started with them at the last Covid vaccination clinic. There are many clinics out there or if you get onto the state's web portal.

Testing in School
We are not doing surveillance-type testing in the school at this time. This means that we are not participating in the testing that surveys kids and staff on a weekly basis. We are, however, doing the other two kinds of testing, so if folks are interested in getting their student(s) or close family member tested either during a quarantine-contact event, or due to having symptoms, you will have to sign up and give permission through the portal that was provided in Jamie Kinnarney's letter to the community dated November 15th. YOU ARE NOW REQUIRED TO DO THIS VIA THE PORTAL AND NOT USING A PAPER COPY. Please review that letter for more information, and PLEASE SELECT "RESPONSE" under the Consent Type column -- do not select "Surveillance."
PTA News
The next PTA meeting will be Tuesday, December 7th at 6 pm. The meeting will be virtual, so watch for a link from Eleni if you'd like to attend!
One Planet News
December Session of One Planet
Starting on December 6th, we are doing a special December Session. Here is our schedule:
The December Session will be from December 6th - 21st. There will be no One Planet on December 22nd. Please fill out this form to sign up for the December Session. Email Jennie with any questions!
PTA News
The next PTA meeting will be Tuesday, December 7 at 6PM.
Lunchroom News
Ms. Kicza
At Forest Day:

  • We started learning about how animals prepare for and survive winter.

  • We played a game with moving like deer, foxes, monarchs, or people keeping warm. 

  • We had sit spots, with each in their own spot for a couple minutes of quiet observation.

  • The children described the weather and checked the temperature at morning meeting.

  • We prepared by looking at books about animals in fall and winter.
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
In math recently we have been learning about using the doubles facts to figure out other facts. We call it Doubles +1 or -1. The calendar for December is helping us learn the 3 Dimensional shapes; cylinder, rectangular prisms, spheres, and cubes.

Everyone is making great progress in reading. We started using old cards and notepads to write notes to family members, or whomever they choose to write to during their reading choice time.

This week in writing we have been learning about what makes a good story or narrative. The parts of a narrative we are focusing on are characters, setting, what the character(s) want, problem, and solution. We wrote a group narrative on Thursday, and then they started on their own planner today.

At our Outdoor time with Becky, we took some time to use our senses to notice the world around us (very different from 2 weeks ago!). Becky also started teaching us the sounds of 2 different owls.

At tech time today the first graders talked more with Ms. Simone about internet safety, and practiced getting onto a meet. We practiced muting and what happens when we turn off the camera. Hopefully we will be ready…..if necessary!
Second Grade
Ms. Denney
In reading this week we studied narrative nonfiction texts. In math, we focused on using skip-jumps to add two-digit numbers. During number corner we began surveying our class for data, such as our favorite colors and books. In science, we wrapped up our unit on matter by observing changes in states of matter.
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
The third graders have been listening to a variety of holiday stories where traditions of the winter seasons are followed. One story, Baseball Bats for Christmas, is about a traditional Inuit village in the 1950's and how they find joy in receiving a way to fashion their own bats for baseball. This ties in with our exploration of Inuit art that they will see at the Hood Museum. We also have the opportunity to learn about inukshuks and why they are built up in the Arctic Circle.

We have tentatively rescheduled the Hood Museum trip to next Thursday the 16th of December at 9 am. Have a wonderful week!
Fourth Grade
Mr. Walker
The 4th graders have been racing around the United States and competing in a simulation game. Each day they do a different activity in order to collect a state. The game has been really fun, and involves geography, math, reading and collaboration. This week involved playing United States board games.
6-8 Humanities, 5 Social Studies
Mr. Breen
In 7/8 Humanities, we wrapped up some of our reflection on our food drive and passed the torch to the 6th grade, who will be handling the month of December. We also worked on and began presenting some book reports and creative fiction, which is always a blast. We also had Katie Milligan, daughter of our own Lisa Milligan, share her experiences as a student and researcher in Mayan Mexico in a video conference with the class, part of their research on indigenous cultures in the Americas. 

In 6th grade, we're starting in earnest on our first big history unit of the year--the colonization of the United States. We reviewed how to write and research an inquiry question, and are starting to generate research now. In 5th grade, the kids are well into their first history unit, also on the colonization of the United States. We still have a little ways to go, but research projects aren't too far off! 
6-8 Math & Science
Mr. Reimanis
The 7th and 8th graders have been studying atoms and their structure. We used gumdrops to model protons and electrons attached with toothpicks. We also modeled the experimental discovery process with a marble in a sealed box that contained a maze to understand the process of attaining information about something that you cannot see.
Ms. Aurora
Art classes have been up to all kinds of creative projects! Kindergarten and 1st grade are learning about lines, with Kindergarten making ink and watercolor line paintings and 1st grade making 3D line playground sculptures.

Second and 3rd have been learning about shapes, 2nd grade making owls and learning about symmetry, and 3rd grade learned about Henri Matisse and his organic and geometric shape collages.

Fourth grade is finishing up their unit on color with their tropical plants and birds. Sixth grade has finished their first trimester art class, ending with an artist research project and celebrating our last class together with a surprise neon art party complete with black lights and dance music. Don’t forget to take a look at the students work on Newton’s Artsonia page, I’m doing my best to upload all of the art as the students make it!
Ms. Simone
After learning some of the history of games, discussing the social aspects of gaming, and hearing from a real-life game designer, 5th graders are now creating their own board/tabletop games! After completing their prototypes, they will playtest with other students to make improvements before the next round of design.

Fourth grade is accepting submission for a winter edition of the literary magazine. Students of all ages are invited to submit short stories, poetry, essays, and artwork of all kinds! Submissions may be dropped in any of the boxes around school, or emailed to me.
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