Lunchroom News
The Great Meatloaf Showdown…

A fantastic way to get to know a person is to cook with them. I had the opportunity to do just that last Wednesday with Superintendent Kinnarney. We had a really fun time with it. Each sneaking glances at the ingredients the other was putting into their prep bowls. Both of us tenderly molding our masterpieces
for the perfect presentation of this classic dish.

The smell from the kitchen was mouthwatering and filled the hallways with the most comforting, delicious aroma. The students received their trays with a slice each of our meatloaves and a ballot with as much excitement and anticipation as we were feeling.

The votes were tallied and the winner, by a landslide was Superintendent Kinnarney. Congratulations Super K! It was such fun and we are already looking forward to a rematch….but this time it will be one of Newton’s students favorites…wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
PTA News
Hold on to your hats, Newton's going to be a busy Spring (but it feels pretty good to get a taste of normalcy again, hey?)

Staff Appreciation Week is May 3-7. Families should have received a flyer from the school, but just in case, here's the schedule:
 *Monday- Pick a Pansy (PTA)
 *Tuesday- Gifts from the Heart (small homemade gifts from students)
 *Wednesday- Bagel Breakfast (PTA)
 *Thursday- Notes from the Heart (notes, poems, etc. from students)
 *Friday- Pizza Lunch (PTA)

Big thanks to Amy Huyffer for being our baker extraordinaire, and for all the families who donated supplies!

Plant Sale

The PTA Plant Sale will be Saturday, May 15th from 9-12 at Murray Field. We will be selling plants at bargain prices, and there will also be live music and a bake sale! Come and buy some plants...and maybe bring a chair or blanket and have a socially distant picnic while listening to some tunes!

We are looking for donations of all kinds of plants (annuals, perennials, houseplants etc.) All donations can be dropped off to the left side of the Creative Preschool entrance, from May 9-15th.

We also need volunteers! Please sign up here.

Rain/Snow Date is May 22nd.

Bike to School

Bike to School is scheduled for May 21st, so pump up your tires and get ready to ride! Watch for information coming home in the next couple weeks.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 4th, at 6pm. Watch for a link from Eleni if you'd like to attend.
One Planet News
students at Kid World Citizen learning about Australia
Come join the fun in our Spring Session!
You can now sign up for our five week Spring Session (now - 5/28). Email Jennie to request a registration form. The following is our enrichment schedule:

Monday: K-4 Dungeons and Dragons
Tuesday: Nature Art
Wednesday: 5-8 Dungeons and Dragons/ K-4 Full STEAM Ahead
Thursday: Kid World Citizen
Friday: Making Art for Others

Summer One Planet Camp
Reserve your spot now before we reach capacity! Click here for the packet. Email Jennie with any questions. Here are our weekly themes:

July 12th - 16th: Imagine, Transform, Create! (FIELD TRIP TO MOTIO REC)
July 19th - 23th: Wilderness Survival (FIELD TRIP TO VINS)
July 26th - 30th: Farm to Table (FIELD TRIP TO CEDAR CIRCLE)
Aug 2nd - 6th: One Planet's Got Talent (FIELD TRIP TO BETHEL POOL)
Nurse's News
Please take a moment to read the Spring COVID-19 Safety Messages for Schools from the Vermont Department of Health.
Ms. Kicza
Friday the kindergarten class participated in Green Up Day early and picked up litter around the school, forest classroom, field, and roadsides nearby. They were very good workers and collected two bags of litter.
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
Over the last couple of weeks we have covered a lot of ground. During our time with Becky we divided up into 3 groups and dissected owl pellets. It was fascinating to see all the little bones from rodents that were in them. We glued the bones onto a skeleton to see how much of it we could make. Thanks, Becky, for providing us with the owl pellets!
Second graders work in pairs on math problems in the classroom
Second Grade
Mrs. Marzot
The first week back from vacation is always an exciting time. I always look forward to seeing students walk in on Monday a little bit taller, and often with a new hairstyle! Second graders are also experimenting with humor. Their latest is asking people to spell, “icup.” You have been warned, I was ALMOST fooled!

We have our outdoor classroom tent back! Please make sure that your child comes in with layers to be comfortable learning inside and outside.
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
The third graders were happy to resume a regular schedule this week. Students have been highlighting evidence in two texts about volcanoes and earthquakes. They are learning how to cite a source. They have also been reading Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco and learning about a friendship.

In math, they have been reviewing fractions, learning about mixed numbers, and choosing the best measurement tool. In outdoor education, students got to experience the sweet taste of maple syrup made from the sap they collected! They also got to play a few games using small river stones. We have had inside recess a few times and students enjoyed playing Giant Uno. Everyone had a pretty good week.
Fourth Grade
Mr. Walker
Continuing on with our weather unit, the 4th graders have learned about the water cycle, and about the importance of clouds and how they play a big role in predicting the weather. After a read-aloud of the book Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, we watched the movie version for a light-hearted take on the vicissitudes of weather! We then studied clouds in a real-world setting during our outdoor education class with Becky Proulx. The students discovered that clouds are classified in two ways: by their shape and by their altitude.

The photo at left, which was taken on Friday, is of clouds just before a rainstorm. We observed that whenever we see nimbostratus clouds, such as those in the photo, this predicts the arrival of sustained rain event.
7/8 Humanities & 5-8 Social Studies
Mr. Breen
In 7th and 8th grade humanities, besides our usual reading and writing, we've been trucking our way through The Odyssey and are now halfway done. The kids have been having a blast with the text, and just produced a book by book (the chapters in The Odyssey are called books) gallery walk of our reading so far.

In 6th grade Social Studies, we've started the process of producing independent research projects. This has meant doing general research on continental biomes, populations, and borders. As we progress, the kids will be narrowing this background research down into a project that focuses on a particular topic.

5th grade social studies has been writing research papers, focusing on things like paragraph and essay structure, research strategies, and citation. The essays are shaping up beautifully and the kids have been working super hard.
7/8 Science
Mr. Reimanis
The 7th and 8th grade have been working on a writing and equity project for both math and science class. Using part of the book Hidden Figures, they are analyzing and will then answer question prompts in a short writing piece. Thankfully, Joey Hawkins is helping me guide the project. The students are using much of the knowledge from previous years. I am also learning a great deal!
Mr. Usher
In Art class we have spent time reflecting on who we are, including making portraits inspired by ourselves and others. We also have been exploring how art can depict emotional expressions.

Students continue to explore the tactile experience of sculpture , learning about texture and form making.