Nurse's News
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  • List of kids' needs lately
  • Snow sports safety
  • Health HUB notes on doctor visits, vaccinations and other
  • Covid Vaccination sites
  • Free Covid test links
One Planet News
One Planet Valentine's Day Celebration!
On Friday, February 11th, we will celebrate Valentine's Day with crafts, STEM projects, games and more at One Planet from 12 - 3PM. Email Jennie if you are interested.

Our Middle School Clubs are amazing! The students are using their imaginations at Dungeons and Dragons (Mondays), making beautiful and unique creations in our Wool Felting Workshop (Wednesdays), and learning about acting and improv at our Drama Club (Thursdays). Email me if your child is interested in joining.
Library News
The library is currently undergoing a weeding project! Weeding--removing books that are old, in poor shape, or not circulating--is an essential part of collection management, as it not only frees up space for new books, but also ensures a collection that is timely, relevant, and appealing to today's readers.

This time, I am asking for student help with the Last Chance Book Shelf! Books that are candidates for weeding are placed on a special bookshelf; from there, students can "save" a book they would like to see stay in the collection, or "throw" a book that they agree can be discarded. Discarded books will be removed from the collection and offered to staff and students as free books, and they will hopefully find a good home. These books may also be donated to the Morrill Memorial Library book sale in the summer; others deemed too outdated (especially science books) or in too bad condition may be recycled. We are looking forward to adding a lot more display space so the books in our collection can SHINE!
Ms. Kicza
Kindergarten is leading a 100th Day of School food drive through this week. They made signs and placed boxes upstairs and downstairs inside the school and outside by the drop-off/pick-up area. They will collect the food donated and count it - hopefully reaching 100 items. You may send food in with your children or drop it off outside.

Next Monday, for Valentine's Day, kindergarten and some friends will also collect food and monetary donations in the morning drop-off time.

Thank you for supporting our youngest students if you are able as they work to help their community.
A first grade student cuts out an image of an owl.
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
 Happy Snow Day! Some new snow on our slides was much needed!

These last two weeks we have continued with our animal organisms unit. We talked about how animals survive the winter by hibernating, migrating, or adapting to their environment. Did you know that when hibernating, a groundhog breathes once every 6 minutes? Fascinating! We made a bulletin board for the hallway, showing many different kinds of animals and what they do during the winter time. The Kindergartners may add to it, as they learn about tracking. We also talked about how some animals use camouflage to keep themselves safe from predators. Then we colored lizards to match various places around the classroom and hung them up.
Second Grade
Ms. Denney
This past week in second grade we continued
using inches, feet, and yards to measure
different objects. We discussed when it would
be best to use a ruler, yardstick, or a measuring tape when measuring. We played games during phonics to focus on words with ending consonant clusters.

During reading, we looked at familiar stories and discussed how the illustrator gives us more details through illustrations. In writing, we finished the endings of our personal
narratives! Next up - editing, revising, and publishing!
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
The third graders have been really making progress in their math and reading! We are currently studying division and multiplication. We are building arrays and using linear units to represent dimensions. Students have had the opportunity to learn more about how division is the inverse operation of multiplication. Also, we are using the math language of factors, area, dimensions, quotient, divisor, dividend, product and repeated subtraction.

In reading, students have all made progress on the Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment. We have needed to review the difference between fiction and non-fiction. We also are working on learning to summarize the most important points in a text. In social studies, students have been busy writing their yellow proof paragraphs about how the Abenaki used natural resources to build their homes. In Outdoor Ed., students have been thinking like Abenaki hunters and learning to track their prey. It has been a very busy week.
Fourth Grade
Mr. Walker
For the last several weeks, the 4th graders have been learning about electricity. They have conducted investigations on different types of circuits, and have learned about what materials make for good conductors and what materials make for great insulators. This past week the students took the knowledge they learned and constructed a light show. Their task was to create an Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) display. Their project had to show different colors and have movement.
Seventh and 8th graders make a functional jetlog cookstove in science class.
6-8 Math and Science
Mr. Reimanis
The Thursday morning for the 6th, 7th, 8th graders has been outdoors and active for the past four weeks (except one too cold.....). The two groups either made an operational jetlog cookstove, or built one-match fires and attempted to make a no-match fire without flint and steel (like my great, great great, great, etc. grandparents did).

7th grade math just completed the unit on linear growth using examples from real life related to a leaky faucet. The 8th graders are still in the middle of their exploration of exponential growth and decay, while the sixth graders are just at the end of learning about the relation of area, perimeter, and that relation to the shape of a figure. In science class the seventh and eighth graders are learning about our solar system and why the earth needs to be taken care of, it is our home!
World Languages & Culture
Ms. Ballou
Fifth graders have been exploring Russian language and culture in their World Languages and Cultures class. They are diligently working on learning the Russian alphabet. They are also learning some conversational phrases and they get to explore culture through "show & tells", videos, etc. We have also started reading some Russian fairy tales and comparing them to the ones students know from other cultures.

Sixth graders are making progress in learning the individual languages they chose at the beginning of the year. They are continuing to share what they have recently learned about winter holidays and traditions in the cultures of their individual languages, and have been sharing their presentations in class. They are finishing their exploration of the Arabic alphabet and we will begin to explore Mandarin (Chinese) soon.
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