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One Planet News
This Wednesday we had a great time at Nature Club sorting through garbage! We looked at what we throw away during One Planet and decided that we will recycle more. Students who do good deeds for nature get a stamp in their Nature Stampbook each week. When they get 4 stamps, they get a prize.

One Planet Updates:
Monday Library Program with Morrill Memorial and Harris Library
Join us on Mondays for a FREE program! Sarah from the public library will visit each week to read a story and lead an activity or craft. Pick up is at 4:30pm. Email Jennie to register. Click here for more details.

December Session
Our current session ends on December 3rd. We will have some fun activities planned for a short December session (Dec 6th - 21st). This is a great time to try out One Planet if you haven't before. More information to come on our December Session activities.
Lunchroom News
Ms. Kicza
At Forest Day, we learned about the sense of touch and using our “Raccoon Hands.” We explored textures, found partners by matching objects, and heard a raccoon story.

Everyone shared about what they like to do on cold days. The children played - baking cakes, chopping ice, and balancing on boards. Everyone prepared and bundled up well so they could enjoy playing in the cold weather.
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
It’s hard to believe it is November already! It certainly is feeling colder!

In addition to our Halloween festivities the week before last, we read a book called I Need My Monster, by Amanda Noll. Then, using playdoh, toothpicks, and pipe cleaners, the first graders were challenged to make their own monsters that could stand up.
Once a month we will have Katie Chesnut come to each classroom and do some breathing, yoga, and mindfulness activities. The first day we did some stretching, reset breathing, and quiet awareness moves. We look forward to making this a part of our routine.

In science we are finishing up our body systems (brain, heart, lungs, muscles, and skeleton) and will soon start talking about our five senses.

In math our calendar is going more in depth with fractions and time. We also have been practicing double facts, and adding and subtracting by counting back small numbers. (e.g. 9-2=7)

The first graders have been working hard to get work ready to share with you all at conferences this week.
Second Grade
Ms. Denney
This past week we spent time in math measuring objects using different measurement tools - unifix cubes, ten strips, and craft sticks.

In reading we identified words we struggle to write and practiced spelling strategies. We continued our small group book clubs and began giving book talks.

In science we began our unit on properties of matter. We made observations of the differences between solids, liquids and gases!
Pumpkins that third graders carved.
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
The third grade was proud to have planted, weeded, and harvested the red potatoes that Gret cooked for 60 lunches on Friday the 5th. Thank you to the team that made that happen! The third grade from last year planted winter squash (Butternut squash), and those will be used by the kitchen as well.

The third grade has moved on to our third unit in math, which involves rounding 3-digit addition, as well as 3 digit subtraction. We are working on what makes sense and strategies that can help us. We have been busy reflecting on the weeks we have had so far in third grade; this guides our student led conferences. We have been practicing by role playing a conference in math. Students have been writing about what they do during reading class as a way to organize their thoughts. We have added a "Shake It Up" break using a glow jar and music. Please ask your child about our different strategies for mindfulness during the day.
Fourth Grade
Mr. Walker
Wow, it’s hard to believe that our first trimester of the year is coming to an end, and that we have student/parent conferences next week. It’s been such a busy time in Alligator Alley! The students have been working hard on the Habits of Mind and Transferable Skills. This week we had a lesson on taking responsible risks We are constantly talking about when you are willing to take a risk in your education it can often produce such amazing results. This is especially true in an environment of respect and kindness!!!
5 Math & Reading, 5-6 Science & STEM
Ms. Tremblay
Fifth grade students have been working on volume and fractions in math. They have been focused on literary analysis of characters and vocabulary in ELA. In science, they are creating an imaginary world through coding and completed their first visual presentation through their STEM cover page.

Sixth grade scientists have been investigating electrical energy and how it can be used to power light, sound and motion.
6-8 Humanities, 5 Social Studies
Mr. Breen
The 7th and 8th graders conducted a very productive collection day as part of our Hike for Hunger drive. They're still collecting, so if you still have any cans or coins you want to donate, feel free to reach out to one of them (or to Mr. Breen) to get those in. The 6th graders will be assuming the mantle next month, and we're looking forward to building a sustainable anti-hunger effort using the work of the whole school throughout the year.

In Humanities, the 7/8 has been studying indigenous cultures in North America, as part of our American history unit. We're just starting to get close to the end of this unit, and the kids will be looking to start developing their research project sometime in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the 5th grade has been focused on developing some writing skills, and is beginning their own American history unit as well. The 6th grade is in the middle of a project bonanza, so if you have a 6th grader be sure to ask what projects their working on in Humanities - they'll have a few different answers for you.
6-8 Math & Science
Mr. Reimanis
Seventh and eighth grade science is just starting to learn about different states of matter, and gasses in particular.  This week we plan to perform a lab experiment that shows the pressure of the atmosphere in a visual and physical way.
World Language
Ms. Ballou
Sixth-8th grade students continue working on learning their individual languages. They also began exploring the Arabic alphabet this week as a class. We will be learning some basics of the language and the culture for the next couple of weeks.

Fifth grade students continue learning the basics of the German Language and culture as a class. They also picked an individual language to explore, and began to learn it. They will be learning this language throughout the school year. After we wrap up our German work, we are moving on to learning some Russian!
Ms. Wilkinson
Flash Mob success! The 5th Graders worked so hard to learn choreography (and even make up some other their own) to Michael Jackson’s "Thriller". The class surprised the rest of the Newton School during the Halloween celebration on Friday, October 29th. They have a lot to be proud of: facing their fears, perseverance, conflict resolution, teamwork, unity, not to mention all of the amazing benefits of music and movement. See for yourself!
Ms. Simone
Fifth grade students last week had a special visit from Max Seidman of Resonym, a tabletop gaming company based out of Hanover. Max talked about the process of game design, and had the students playtest a new game!

Sixth graders visited the Kibling and Strafford cemeteries last week, part of our exploration of gravestones as primary sources. We will use other primary and secondary sources to unfold the story of life in Strafford in the past.
Grade 7&8 have launched the first episodes of their podcasts! There are more to come, but check out their released content on the Newton Media website, and follow them on Spotify!
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