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Thanks to all who came out (and helped out!) on Saturday for Strafford's Winter Carnival. It was a beautiful day, and loads of fun!
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One Planet News
Spring Session Sign Ups
Our winter session of One Planet will be ending on March 18th. We've had so much fun with our programs! Pictured are the students making catapults in STEAM. Starting on March 21st, we will begin our Spring Session have new program offerings for students to sign up for. Keep an eye out for the new schedule and registration form

Half Day Costume Making Workshop
On Friday, March 18th, we will have a fun costume making workshop at One Planet from 12 - 3. Students will get to design and create the costume of their dreams! Care will also be available from 3 - 4:30 if enough students sign up. Cost for 12:00 - 3:00pm is $10 full price, or $5 for free/reduced lunch. Cost for 12:00 - 4:30pm is $14 full price, or $7 for free/reduced lunch. Email to sign up

Summer Camp
One Planet Summer Camp will be from July 5th - August 5th this year. Registration forms will be sent out in the next few weeks and will include the weekly themes. More information to come!
At One Planet, students in the STEAM enrichment program make catapults out of popsicle sticks.
At One Planet, students in the STEAM enrichment program make catapults out of popsicle sticks.
At One Planet, students in the STEAM enrichment program make catapults out of popsicle sticks.
Ms. Kicza
Kindergarten had a successful 100th day food drive. Our goal was 100 items of food, and we collected 248!

Kindergarten worked in small groups to count the food. They counted by ones, then tens, and kept track of their amount in different ways including tally marks and numbers on white boards. Then the whole class got together and added up the total, using cubes to represent items and groups of ten. They did an awesome job counting and with the whole project. Two kindergartners and two older students also stood outside at drop-off one morning to collect monetary donations. Thank you kindergartners and families!
First grade students make a tower with cardboard tubes and tape.
A first grader makes a tower out of cardboard tubes and cardboard cereal boxes.
First grade students use cardboard tubes, a milk jug, and plastic containers to make something. Not sure what.
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
The 2 weeks before vacation were very busy with 100th day activities, including building with 100 sticks, cups, cubes, dominoes, and pattern blocks. They got pretty creative with each material!

We also celebrated Valentine’s Day with graphing heart candies, and playing a musical hearts game where they did whatever their heart said when the music stopped. For example, jump 10 times, wave to their teacher, jumping jacks, crab walk, etc. They had a lot of fun delivering all the great valentines to each other.

This week we started a poetry unit. All year our class has read at least one poem as part of our Morning Meeting (it is also a classroom job). For our actual poetry unit, we started with "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost. After reading the poem, the children used pastels to make snowy pictures on blue construction paper. We also talked about how not all poems rhyme, but then brainstormed some rhyming words that we might like to use later when writing our own poems. I have encouraged them to bring in a favorite poem if they have one at home.
Second Grade
Ms. Denney
Welcome back! In this short week we began our new unit in math: counting to 1,000! We worked in teams to count 1,000 sticks by 100s, 10s, and 1s. In reading we finished up looking at how illustrators can show time passing and objects closer or further away. During phonics we continued working with contractions.

This week we also began our new science unit - Earth systems! We focused on where we can find water on Earth and the different parts of the water cycle.
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
The third graders have been working hard to finish their essays about how the Abenaki used natural resources to build their homes and canoes. They have learned how to set up a Google Doc and are practicing typing. We are wrapping up trimester two by completing the work on multiplication and division. Students have worked very hard to understand how to solve for area. They have also practiced writing story problems in division.

In outdoor ed, students have been working on identifying tracks. We are almost to the end of Gordon Korman's trilogy, Everest. It has been a well-loved read aloud. Students continue to show that they are maturing and learning how to be part of a learning community. I look forward to student led parent teacher conferences so your children can share their work with you.
5th Math, 5-6 Science & STEM
Ms. Tremblay
5th and 6th grade STEM students have been working on tree-art for an Arbor Day Poster contest. They have thought about a special tree and wrote about their memory or created a story around it.

Sixth, 7th, and 8th grade students have been designing a bridge made out of glue, popsicle sticks, toothpicks and dental floss. They will be able to test the strength of their bridge at the Bridge Building Competition taking place at Vermont Technical College on March 31.
5-8 Humanities
Mr. Breen
In Humanities, the 5th and 6th grades are currently working on research projects on Colonial America. The 7-8 is focusing on the intersections between slavery, manifest destiny, and industrialization with the hopes of starting our research projects relatively soon. 

In outside news, the students also just held their student government elections. Congratulations to Ommy, Ava, Darby, Tanner, Regan, Grace, and Phoenix on being voted in as voting representatives of the student body! Student government remains open to all students, and we're excited to get to work. 
Ms. Brooke
We have been busy traveling the world lately, most recently to China for the latest Winter Olympics event, "figure plating"; to New Orleans for Mardi Gras; and presently Hawai'i for some winter respite. We're singing greetings in the various languages (Mandarin Chinese, French Creole, Hawaiian) but--most importantly--learning the traditional music culture of the respective places. We'll soon be heading to Ireland in honor of St. Patrick's Day. 

Also, CUPS! Most every student at Newton has learned or is learning to express defined rhythms with cups. This is not a new concept, but was brought back into popularity through cinema a few years ago. It's a catchy rhythm, to say the least. Learn along with them and try to keep the beat to a song! 
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