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The Next Generation of Solar Cell Devices
Clark School Assistant Professor Marina Leite and her team are working towards a next generation design of solar cell devices. Specifically, they are developing microscopic imaging methods to take nanoscale photographs of the performance of emerging and inhomogeneous materials: those materials whose structure is unequal at different points. These images can then be used in photovoltaics, the process of converting light into electricity using a semi-conducting material.
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UMD to Offer Graduate Programs in Fast-Growing Area of Additive Manufacturing
Beginning fall 2017, working engineers and technical professionals can build and expand their expertise in processes used to synthesize 3D objects with a new graduate program at the University of Maryland (UMD) in Additive Manufacturing. These new programs will give students unique access to hands-on training in various methods of design, fabrication, and production systems.
Safer Batteries Made with Wood
Inspired by the structure of wood, engineers at the Clark School have used modified wood as a unique architecture for the negative electrode of a lithium metal battery, seeking to prevent some of the key factors that lead to battery failure. This novel design for a safer lithium metal battery can be used to boost the energy density of a battery, thereby increasing the power available for portable electronics and electric vehicles, while reducing the risk of the battery overheating.