Sundog Media | February 2022 | Bright Spots
The Next Generation

I am at the stage in my life and career where I'm starting to spend a little more time thinking about legacy. With triplet 12-year-olds still at home, and two boys currently in college, I am not yet ready for retirement. But the realization that I'm closing in on retirement sparks new ideas about how to finish strong and gets me dreaming about the best plan for the legacy of this small family business. It’s fun to look back over the last quarter of a century (wow!) we have spent growing a business, but I am starting to get more excited about looking forward.

Our second son, Joshua, recently began officially working for Sundog as a customer support team member, while attending an online college boot camp for web development. And, our very own Monica’s son, Jacob Whitt, is starting as an intern customer support team member this month as well. It’s truly becoming a family affair. Next year, Jeni’s daughter Lily will be coming on as an intern as part of a high school program. Apparently, that program has to be without pay, so after some negotiation, we decided we could afford that :)

I'm excited about the next generation and look forward to working together as a company to share the depth of knowledge our team has with the new up-and-coming team members. We are building a legacy (and some great skills) together.

Thanks to all our amazing customers who trust us with their websites! Be sure and say "hi" to Joshua and Jacob and let us know how our team can serve you.

All the Best,
Joe Law
Recent Launches
Aligned AK
It’s always a special privilege to create a debut website, and this new site for Aligned AK was no exception. The president of Aligned, AK came in with a plan and the Sundog Team was happy to jump in and make it a reality - a clean, contemporary website that is easy to navigate and gives a crystal clear message with a handy contact form and mobile-friendly design.
Statewide Independent Living Council of Alaska (SILC)

The folks at the Statewide Independent Living Council of Alaska do a whole lot for the community by promoting the independent living philosophy statewide and providing support and technical assistance to the entire network of Centers for Independent Living. Sundog Media is proud to partner with this non-profit to create a fresh new website for the folks they serve, and to collaborate with them to make this website accessible, useful, and beautiful.

SILC’s site features videos, contact information, document download availability, and an event calendar with news posts to keep everyone up-to-date. Thank you, SILC team, for letting us help with your new website!

What Our Clients are Saying
When I launched my company at the start of 2022 there was much to do. I knew I needed a quality website but didn't have the slightest idea where to begin. I selected the team at Sundog Media to guide me through the process and they were exceptional every step of the way. I approached the design process with only a general idea of how I needed the site to look, but the team at Sundog read between the lines and created a solution that met my expectations exactly. The design process was quick and efficient (a blessing with all the other tasks on my plate), and the final result was perfect. A business colleague just messaged me... "Your website is fantastic. Clear, well laid-out, and easy to read... A+++!"

Kael Ladegard, President

You, Lord, set the earth on its foundations,
    so that it should never be moved.
You covered it with the deep as with a garment; 

Psalm 104:5 (ESV)