The Next Generation

Emis and Shelly graduation
Shelly and mom, Emis.

"The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree"

amanda n
As a college graduate and gainfully employed nurse, Amanda is modeling success for her children 

alicia and boys 2012
Alicia has improved the odds that her boys will follow in her steps and attend college

alison and son 2
Alison's son is happy and proud that mom graduated  
shelly cox

She is the kind of young woman whose credentials speak volumes about her work ethic and commitment to excel.


She is a member of numerous academic organizations such as the Math & Science Club, National Honor Society, and Junior Statesmen of America. She volunteers her time tutoring students, serving at St. Mary's Food Bank, and participates in fund-raising events such as Relay for Life. This young woman's profile mirrors the kind of focus and tenacity that the scholarship recipients of Helping Hands must develop in order to make that life changing commitment to breaking the cycle of mom poverty through higher education. Only this young lady is not a single mom... she is the next generation.


Shelly was eight years old when her mother, Emis, made the momentous decision to go back to school and get her education. The third child in a family of four, Shelly was proud of her mom but also knew this decision would necessitate the kids pitching in to keep the home up and running. In the beginning, since Emis was working two jobs and attending night school, Shelly and her siblings helped by fixing dinners and looking after one another. As Emis went on to earn her B.A. and later her M.A., assistance from Helping Hands contributed significantly to her ability to attend as a full time student and expedite her degrees, all under the watchful eye of her daughter.


Shelly, as the daughter of a Helping Hands mom, reflects on the program fondly. By association, she was part of Helping Hands for 5 years. "It helped us out a lot," she reflects. "The people at Helping Hands were always there to offer guidance. They provided financial assistance, but it was more than a check. We got to know other families in the program and do things together like go to Suns games and Christmas parties. And I know they helped my mom with her car, her dental needs, and mentoring." 


Today Shelly is a high school senior. She is carefully weighing her decision between two out-of-state universities to which she has already been accepted. She also has to choose between majors - computer science or computer engineering. It is nice to have options. Emis is a great sounding board for Shelly's decision making. In fact, their mutual love for learning is a strong bond for their relationship. Whether sharing an interesting article, book title or school topic, their quest for knowledge is infectious, and something Shelly is sure to pass along to her family one day. 


Stories like Shelly's underscore the value of the investment in Helping Hands for Single Moms. Your contribution does more than support a single student, it impacts an entire family. Every dollar donated to the Helping Hands program meets an immediate financial need of a single mom who, with your help, is turning the tide for herself AND her children, from statistical poverty and reliance on government assistance to financial self-sufficiency and secure employment. It is the ultimate "buy one, get one or more free" opportunity!  Contact Helping Hands for Single Moms today to help us to continue to facilitate a legacy of achievement one family at a time.      

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