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An Inspiring Thought for the Week
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem"
-Eldridge Cleaver-
The Next Great Generation
B y:Frederick C. Johs

I spoke briefly of my parents in my video and want to expand on them now. They were and, even though they have been gone for years, still are my inspiration. Here’s why.
B y:Jack Buchanan

Well, it happened again. It is amazing how a single spark from a passing motorist can set thousands of acres on fire. Or a killer virus striking a single person can set off a chain reaction infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands.
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The Primerus Optimistic Index
Primerus is at a cautious 8. Where are you? Stock market up and down a little, but basically holding steady. New York and US new Covid-19 cases on the decline. Economies in the US and globally beginning to open and improving. Still inadequate screening tests. Fear of Covid-19 relapse or second wave.
How Optimistic Are You?
Share with us your feelings.
B y: Nick Kacher

This global pandemic has impacted all of us. It has upended our daily routines. It has interrupted our friendships and social interactions. It has altered our work habits. Many have lost income and stability.  And for others an even graver toll as they mourn the loss of a loved one.  
Good People Doing Good Things
B y: Chad Sluss

Each week our team reviews our members’ websites and social media posts to find updates that fall into the category of “Good People Doing Good Things.” Below are two great examples of Primerus members giving back.
The Future of Telehealth
B y: Sheila Buchanan

The pandemic is transforming the traditional means of service in business. One specific area undergoing tremendous change that will foreseeably be the new normal is the medical profession.
Tuesday, June 16th - Coverage and COVID-19

More information coming soon!
Tuesday, June 23rd - Succession Planning

In this timely webinar, Bob Zupkus, one of the founders of Zupkus & Angell, P.C., and Muliha Khan, now the second-generation owner of the firm, will share the firm’s story of succession, addressing the importance of early succession planning; the execution of the succession plan, including the transition of clients; and the continued need for mentoring throughout the process. Based on their personal experience, the presenters’ goal is to provide pragmatic advice to any attorney thinking of retiring or, conversely, any attorney aiming to become the next-generation owner.
Thursday, June 25th - Crisis and Litigation Communications

More information coming soon!
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Northeast Regional Meet Up
Thursday, June 11th
10:00AM - 12:00PM EDT

Midwest Regional Meet Up
Thursday, June 18th
10:00AM - 12:00PM EDT

Southern Regional Meet Up
Friday, June 26th
10:00AM - 12:00PM EDT

Western Regional Meet Up
Tuesday June 30th
10:00AM - 12:00PM PDT

"Phibbs & Khans"
Monday Morning Coffee with Jack Buchanan

Join us next Monday for Coffee and Conversation. We are honored and pleased that Joel Collins of our Columbia, South Carolina firm of Collins & Lacy, P.C. will be hosting our C&C this week. In order to keep the conversation manageable, we must limit it to 15 attendees so that everyone can participate. We will do this on a first come basis. If you cannot do it this week, then please put your name in for a future Monday of “Coffee and Conversation.

Sunday, June 14th 10:00 PM EDT/ Monday, June 15th 10:00 AM CST (Shanghai Time)

Monday, June 15th - 10:00 AM EDT/2:00 PM GMT

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