Hello Jackie,

My goal for all my clients, young and...not as young, is to empower the message inside you and unveil the ways you can share it with the world. That includes finding as many potential audiences as possible.

I'm excited to share with you an opportunity to be part of a mastermind of people who want those outcomes, too. Imagine the power of working together as a group, providing helpful feedback and encouragement, and then even getting speaking gigs in many of the same places and stages! What could be more fun and rewarding?

I've partnered with the Legacy Builders network to bring SPEAKER CIRCLE to life. This is a twice monthly mastermind group for speakers and wanna-be speakers ages 16 and up. It's an affordable investment that has opportunity to reap HUGE profitable rewards.

Since this happens on the 2nd and 4th Mondays every month, the next session is happening on September 25th. It's not too late to join and get fabulous coaching and training.

Sign up for September 25th session

I hope you take advantage of this cool opportunity and look forward to seeing you there!

Jackie Bailey

International Conversation Coach for Kids | The Speak Feed Lead Project

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