June, 2021
Reunited....And It Feels So Good!
Yes, The Next Stop re-opened on May 25, 2021! After 14 months of making the best of the pandemic situation by meeting with our members on Zoom, we returned to our onsite program. We knew that vaccinations would be our ticket to safely re-opening The Next Stop and now here we are. We are so grateful and happy to be together again.
Back in the Groove Again
It didn't take long for our members to reacclimate to the routine. For the first 2 weeks, we mainly engaged in activities we could not do on Zoom. It certainly felt like old times.
Before we closed for the pandemic, new double ovens were donated to The Next Stop and were installed about the time we closed in March, 2020. We have not been able to use them of course, so pre-heating them for the first time was a celebration and an honor.
We Rose Up!
As everyone knows, the global pandemic caused so much uncertainty, heartache and stress for so many. The Next Stop always took our role seriously as we encouraged and supported our members during our extended absence.

Referring back to October, 2020 during a project we called "Glimmers of Hope", our members learned to sign the song "Rise Up". The lyrics encourage us to find the power and courage within ourselves to persevere through challenging times. 

This photo collage hanging on our wall represents our Zoom days and how proud we are of our members, volunteers and staff for Rising Up and keeping hope alive!

Reminder to Save the Date!
15th Annual Golf, Dinner and Wine Event
October 4, 2021
Royal Lakes Golf and Country Club
The Next Stop is looking forward to doing this fundraising event the way we've done it before COVID. Hope you are too! More details to come as we continue planning.

The Next Stop Foundation, Inc.