The Nguyen Museum of Modern Art - Landmark
The Nguyen Museum of Art was built in 1998, shortly after the devastation of Hurricane Atlas. It was intended to both commemorate the event, but also show that Titan City will survive in bold colors and ambitious architecture.
A large, flashy post-modern museum of art throughout history, in all genres and media. The building's exterior is painted in vivid, bright colors giving it a loud, almost cartoony design. The Museum of Art aims to entertain and challenge. It's meant to give people a hard time figuring out what to make of this structure, to make them think.
The layout of the building is divided into three main sections, each box-shaped, and the center adorned with a large pyramidal glass dome. The materials of the building are so dense and tough that it has been known to be the target of testing various super powers - without leaving a mark!
The Nguyen Museum of Modern Art will be a unique spot for players to visit, with its odd, post-modern look inspiring a different side of Titan City culture!