November 2017

Read the American Academy of Pediatrics
Recommendations  To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation HERE
Minimize the Health Risks of iPads & Tablets
The 2017 Nicosia Declaration on Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Radiation
The Cyprus Medical Association, the Vienna Austrian Medical Chamber and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children's Health issued a new position paper and 16 practical steps to reduce exposure to cell phones and wireless radiation.  Learn more  
Massachusetts State House Hearing on EMF Legislation to Provide EMF Medical Training 
On November 28, 2018 medical experts and citizens testified for Massachusetts Bill S. 2080 "An Act increasing medical awareness and insurance coverage of non-ionizing radiation injury and reliance upon credible independent medical research."
Toxicology Letters Article: Increased Cancers in Wireless Exposed Rats of the National Toxicology Program
A new publication by David McCormick PhD, President and Director of the IIT Research Institute in Chicago on the findings of "significantly increased incidences of glioma (brain cancer) and schwannoma (heart cancer)" in male rats exposed to radio frequency (RF) radiation in the National Toxicology Program.   Learn more  
New Paper Reveals that Infant and Toddler Brains Absorb More Microwave Radiation from Wireless Phones  
The first ever study evaluating cell phone radiation exposures to children aged 3 months to 3 years old looked at scenarios where an adult is holding the cell phone to a baby's head. 

Wireless Phones and Evidence for Brain Tumor Risk: A 2017 Bioinitiative Report Update
"By now carcinogenicity has been shown in human epidemiological studies replicated in animal studies." Hardell and Carlberg detail the scientific evidence that RF radiation should be classified as Group 1 Carcinogen.

International Forum on Protection From Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution   
The City of Krakow, Poland will host their 2nd expert EMF forum with topics such as "Diagnosing, treating and preventing the Electromagnetic Fields impact on adults and children" 

Maryland PTA Writes Letter In Opposition To A Network "Small Cell" Tower Near The School
The Hillsmere PTA letter cites the EMF Scientists Appeal, EHT and The Maryland State Children's Environmental Health And Protection Advisory Council's recommendation to reduce Children's Radiofrequency Exposure 

Botanist Report Links Wireless Networks To The Disappearance Of Song Birds, Bats And Insects 
A report to UNESCO by botanist Mark Broomhall details the association between increasing amounts of electromagnetic radiation and species disappearance and exodus from the Mt. Nardi area of the Nightcap National Park World Heritage Area during a 15-year period (2000-2015). 

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