May 2017
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Using Economic Data Wisely
Grounded Research & Analysis
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Using Economic Data Wisely: A Case Study from Duluth
Karl Schuettler - (218) 529-7564 - 

A partner in Northspan's Northland Connection program recently asked us to run some numbers on regional competitiveness data for the Duluth metropolitan area, which includes St. Louis, Douglas, and Carlton Counties. The data can help ground the storylines people tell about Duluth, whether they're lauding a more diversified economy that has helped spur a Duluth renaissance or lamenting low population growth, poverty, or related concerns. We compared the Duluth metropolitan area to 12 peer cities, mostly in the Upper Midwest. This work often only raises more questions than it answers, but it does give a high-level overview of the economic state of affairs. 
Grounded Research and Analysis from Northspan

At Northspan, we pride ourselves on our ability to step back and see the connections between data and decision-making, and in an analysis capacity that understands the nuances of our clients. This story about Duluth is just a taste of some of the questions that Northspan staff asks every day, and our approach to finding answers. Northspan has recently rededicated itself to an enhanced research capacity, and is available to assist partners across the Northland and the Upper Midwest.

Northspan's research capabilities range from analyses of single projects to broader comparative assessments of industry or regional trends. We conduct project feasibility studies, economic impact analyses, and industry cluster analyses, and can develop performance indicators. Our broad view of economic development encompasses both commercial and residential real estate studies, such as the downtown Duluth market study we recently completed for the Greater Downtown Council. Our data-informed approach places us on the front lines when communities need to respond to both opportunities and crises.
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Strategic Planning, Meeting Management, and Organizational Development Assistance
Randy Lasky - (218) 529-7561 - 

With its emphasis on long-term thinking and track record of guiding plans toward reality, Northspan has been at the forefront of addressing strategic and organizational development needs for over twenty years. O ur deep un derstanding of our r egio n and our clients prepare us to work with a rea businesses, local units of government, agencies, and philanthropic and non-profit organizations to navigate change. We carefully customize our approach to fit our clients' situations, challenges, and opportunities.