September 2017
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Northland Connection's Treasure Trove of Data
Karl Schuettler - (218) 529-7564, the regional economic development portal for the seven Arrowhead counties of northeast Minnesota and Douglas County, Wisconsin, is well-known for its database of available properties across the region, plus some background on the region's leading industries. But information available on the website goes far beyond these well-used features, and offers a complete suite of resources to regional businesses and economic development professionals.
Don't know where to look for the resources you need to grow your business, or need to refer a company to a database that includes a full range of information that can guide them through their next phase of expansion or transition? From business plans to talent attraction, from accountants to environmental services, Northland Connection's   Business Resource Center is the searchable database you're looking for
The Regional Research Potential of Northland Connection 
Karl Schuettler - (218) 529-7564  
At Northspan, we know that evaluating business prospects and new opportunit ies requir e s honest assessments, not blind faith. Northland Connection offers more than just the numbers available through the website, and provides access to a vast array of reputable economic and business infor mation. With so much knowledge readily available, there is no reason to begin a project or chase after leads without a complete grounding in the facts. Digging around for more information can also uncover hidden opportunities and new ideas that might just become the next big break for local economic development.
Business Succession and Valuation: An Emerging Need for Area Businesses
Bob Palmquist - 218-529-7562 

The latest national st atistics estimate that over 50% of the nation's small businesses have owners who are age 50 or older. For these small business owners, one of the greatest emerging concerns is over how they will exit their businesses within the next few years. Questions about what their business is worth, how it can be sold, and who will run it are at the forefront of their thinking as they look toward retirement. Northspan's succession services can help give these business owners some peace of mind.
Significant thought and planning should occur well before a business owner anticipates actually leaving the business. Succession planning involves taking the time to determine who is best suited to run a business in its next phase, time to teach others the intricacies of the operation, and the time and effort to instill the values and mission of the company in the successors. Business succession planning is meant to address those concerns, and to improve the chances of businesses successfully transitioning to new ownership. These businesses thereby continue to generate wealth, and create and retain jobs within the region.