The Not-So-Scary Season: A Fall Peek at What Leaders Fear
5 Leadership Fears to Overcome
Having fear is perfectly normal. It helps us to slow down our thinking and pay attention to what is causing those negative feelings when we're facing a choice. Fear can allow us to evaluate what is happening and to take proactive steps to still take a risk, but with more preparation and less left to go wrong. Explore 5 common fears, as shared by Inc. Magazine ,  that leaders need to watch out for.

Making the Wrong Decision. Being faced with so many decisions as a leader can lead to decision fatigue, a well-known psychological phenomenon that can interfere with your mental health and your ability to make good decisions. Adding to this is a potentially growing fear that the next decision you make will be the wrong one. Read Forbes article on being decisive amongst uncertainty

Being Criticized for Your Approach. As a leader, you're going to have your own signature style....There's no one right or wrong way to lead. If you're afraid of being criticized for your approach, it could lead you to become the leader you think people might want rather than the leader you naturally are. You're going to be criticized no matter what by some, and accepted no matter what by others, so pick the style that suits you best.

Speaking as an Authority. Speaking publicly is one of the biggest, most commonly reported fears in the U.S. population. That's because it puts you on the spot, making you vulnerable to anywhere between two and several thousand people all at once. Need more to help overcoming this fear? Check Out HBR's 5 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Taking Responsibility. All leaders will experience successes and failures, so try to focus on measuring your worth in terms of the motivations behind your actions rather than the consequences of them.

Failing Entirely. You’re the director, decision maker and figurehead for the group. The moment you let a specific fear -- even a rational one -- enter your head and get in the way of your responsibilities, your effectiveness is going to plummet. Overcoming those fears isn’t easy, but it’s certainly possible, and it’s necessary if you want to become or remain a great leader.
Our Fears are Our Stories They make us think about "what would happen if?"

Novelist, Karen Thompson, delivered a Ted Talk which took a provocative look at fear. In it, she helps us see that our fears are like our own storytelling - with characters, choices and outcomes. If we look at fear in a positive way, we can pay attention to our fears and take preparation and action so that nothing bad has to happen.

“Fear is your friend,” says another TED Talk expert on fear. “Fear is an indicator. Sometimes it shows you what you shouldn’t do. More often than not it shows you exactly what you should do. And the best results that I’ve had in life, the most enjoyable times, have all been from asking a simple question: What’s the worst that can happen?”

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