Volume 8 / Issue 11 | November 2021
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue:
Twelve truths about heaven ... The Trinity and creation ...
Should you believe in ghosts? ... and more!
Twelve truths about heaven
Scripture describes heaven as the intermediate state between death and resurrection for followers of Jesus as they await future glorification. The New Testament reveals many truths about heaven, including: (1) The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit reside in heaven yet have immediate access to earth; (2) God's will is done completely in heaven today -- and one day will be on earth ...

The Trinity and creation
The observable earth and skies reveal a Divine Designer. Although Scripture most clearly depicts God the Father as creator, we may see that He never acts independently. Rather, He works in concert with the Son and the Holy Spirit. This includes the Godhead's collaborative work of creation.

Should you believe in ghosts?
Ghosts are everywhere, it seems. They star in major motion pictures and popular television programs, and they range from friendly to frightening. The prevailing view is that ghosts are the disembodied spirits of the dead, and they're just dying to talk to us. But is this true?

Host an apologetics event in your church
Did you know there are nearly two dozen Missouri Baptist pastors and lay leaders equipped to speak to your church on topics ranging from the existence of God to world religions and cults? These men and women -- like Hanna Sims -- are members of the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network.

Welcome to High Street Press
High Street Press is the publishing imprint of the Missouri Baptist Convention and is devoted to producing biblically faithful resources for personal or group study. Books focus on culturally relevant topics such as same-sex attraction, racial reconciliation, and the afterlife, and they explore crucial doctrinal themes such as the Trinity and salvation.

The Son as creator
After establishing that Jesus is both eternal and divine, as well as a distinct person from the Father (John 1:1-2), John declares that the Son created "all things" (v. 3). This simple statement sets Christianity apart from Gnosticism, as well as from many modern forms of counterfeit Christianity.

From High Street Press:
What Every Christian Should Know about Satan
Was Satan once an anointed cherub -- God's prime minister of the universe? When and how did he become the father of lies, tempter, accuser, and adversary? How do names like Beelzebul and Belial depict his heinous deeds? And what hope is there for followers of Jesus in knowing that God has prepared a special place for Satan and his messengers?

What Every Christian Should Know about Satan explores more than a dozen biblical names and titles that reveal the evil one's character, tactics, and ultimate destiny in hell.

This new resource from High Street Press is now available in print and e-book formats.

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