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Not long ago much of the physical work of Help Give Hope's Christmas project, aside from home visits, didn't begin until December. We would shop, audit, re-shop, wrap, distribute and deliver all within a two-week window. No complaints...while it could be exhausting, it was also crazy and fun! But the pandemic and an economy beset with supply chain issues required a somewhat new approach providing greater flexibility. We now shop, audit and re-shop in November with wrapping, distribution and delivery remaining in December. Let's do a quick review then take a closer look at what to expect the next 6 weeks.


For the 2022 HGH Christmas project, the month of October was primarily dedicated to home visits. Our wonderful team of several dozen volunteers personally conducted in-home interviews with several hundred families who applied for Christmas assistance. We take this job very seriously! As the custodians of monies generously gifted to us from loyal supporters, we understand our obligation to spend it wisely. As such, we maintain high standards, have no wish to perpetuate entitlement and only accept families (parents) trying to help themselves. It's not an easy job to screen families and often requires tough love (making difficult decisions). But is a wonderful, hands-on, in-the-trenches role vital to our success.


There are many opportunities to volunteer with HGH. One of the roads less traveled is the Home Visits. It can be a little intimidating and sometimes the thought of going into an unfamiliar neighborhood can be challenging. We always go in pairs and have never had an Curt & Debbie Padgett
incident. The families who choose Longtime Volunteers
to sign up for assistance appreciate
the process and are usually very welcoming. Debbie Padgett, a long time volunteer, who has participated in all opportunities as they regard to the Christmas project decided she wanted to give it a try. I recently visited with her and got her take on the experience. 

Murray: What interested you in doing home visits?

Debbie: I wanted to see how it all comes together. By going on home visits, I was able to see the bigger picture. What you (HGH) do has really made it much clearer on all that goes into it. It is a lot and it’s amazing

Murray: What surprised you the most?

Debbie: I wasn’t prepared for how Bizarre it really is. The number of people who don’t work and their lack of self respect. I know why you do it, you do it for the kids and that is what is important. The reward is just the feeling I’m a part of something that needs to be done. The part of these little ones having something under the tree makes it meaningful.

Murray: What would you say to someone who might consider doing it next year?

Debbie: Give it a try. Don’t be afraid of it. Leave your jewelry at home. Not because something might happen, but because they don’t want to see that. They want to see that you are someone trying to help. I will do it again next year. Working with the staff and gaining a new perspective, made it a nice experience. 

If you are interested in volunteering don’t hesitate to reach out. Give us a call, 417-209-7027


Now that home visits are complete, we're getting ready for the huge job of shopping, auditing and re-shopping for well over 500 kids. Just the time and organization required to prepare shop sheets for our volunteer shoppers is enormous. Not to mention we must procure a wide range of other important items to have ready for wrapping and distribution to include furniture, appliances, bikes, toiletries, food, microwaves, vaccums, pillows, pots/pans, dishware, boxes, wrapping paper and more!

As most of you know, we can't do any of this without the help of our HGH army of volunteers. We invite anyone interested in helping, to join us at one or more of the following activities...

  • Christmas Shopping – Monday November 14th & Wednesday November 16th, 7am - Wal-Mart Supercenter, Ozark, MO.
  • Christmas Auditing - November 18th, 9am - HGH warehouse - 2809 N. Cedarbrook
  • Christmas Wrapping – December 9th & 10th, 9am - HGH warehouse

We want to make sure we have the best email with which to reach you. In order for Help Give Hope to effectively communicate with our friends and supporters, it's critical we have an up-to-date email for you. Click on the email link below to send us the email you prefer we use. Also please include email(s) of any and all family and friends you feel would like to be on our mailing list. Thank you!!

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