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4301 N. IH 35
Austin, TX 78722  

Phone: 512.454.2523


Church office hours:  

Monday - Thursday 

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.  


Sunday Schedule

8:00am - Holy Eucharist Rite I
9:00am - Contemplative prayer
9:45am - Choir rehearsal
10:30am - Holy Eucharist Rite II  
                   with Kids Word

4:00pm - St. Hildegard's Worship

The Rev. Kevin LJ Schubert


The Rev. Judith Liro

Associate Rector & Minister to

St. Hildegard's Community

Anne Weaver 

Music Minister 

Vanessa Nering
Newcomer Minister/
Office Administrator

Kate Wright

Interim Day School Director


Melissa Eason Brackin

Patsy Chandler

Herb Dickson

Scott Hoffman

David McGhee

Mary Stewart Miller

Alice Nelson

John Rickard

Trevor Thompson


Patsy Chandler

Senior Warden

Herb Dickson

Junior Warden

Melissa Eason Brackin

Financial Secretary


Frances Rickard, Treasurer

Mary Stewart Miller, Clerk

John Rickard, Day School Liaison  

Josh Shipman

Ashley Urquidi 

Laurence Wainwright-Maks



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Reader and Intercessor spots are available for November and December.  Please consider becoming a part of this important ministry!

Click here to sign up to be a reader or intercessor during our Rite I & II services.
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Reminder to set clocks back!

On Sunday morning, November 3rd at 2 a.m., clocks will fall back for Daylight Savings Time.  Enjoy the extra hour of sleep and we'll see you for church Sunday morning.


Rector's Corner
Dear St. George's Family,
During the 8:00 am Rite I worship service this paragraph is said, "Hear what our Lord Jesus Christ saith: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like unto it: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.  On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets."  Most Sundays while I am reciting this paragraph I usually get chills.  It's one of my favorite parts of the Rite I liturgy as it states rather clearly what Jesus is asking us to do in the world.  I truly believe that St. George's lives this statement out to our fullest, from our work with impoverished communities in Austin to our worship services, and on to our fellowship time together.  We truly are a loving community that lives out the commandments of God.  For this I am extremely thankful for each and every member of St. George's, and am continually reminded of your dedication and love for God and God's people.  

As you know we are wrapping up the Spirituality of Stewardship season at St. George's.  I want to give a special thanks to the stewardship committee for their dedicated work and prayerful diligence.  I also encourage all of St. George's members to prayerfully consider the ways in which St. George's has made a powerful impact in your life, and respond with a dedicated offering to God and God's Church through pledging for 2014.  I am encouraged by the response from the faithful members that have pledged so far, and very thankful for your returning a portion of the gifts you have received from God to God's Church.  This Sunday, November 3rd, we will recognize and bless those commitments as we place the pledge cards on Christ's altar.

I am very excited to travel to the Wessendorff Ranch's Well Spring Center for our parish retreat in a couple of weeks!  The time we spend out there as a parish family continues to be a bit of relief from our hectic lives.  I always come away rejuvenated and refreshed, while simultaneously thankful for such a caring and fun community of St. George's.  It is an absolute blast!  If you have not signed up yet, but would like to, give Vanessa a call in the church office.  There is plenty of space for everyone.  

November is a month of thankfulness and giving, and I am reminded of all the ways in which St. George's does both with integrity and truth.  May you and your family be blessed by God's grace and love! 


The Rev. Kevin LJ Schubert  
Day of the Dead Altar   
At St. George's we celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on All Saints' Sunday (this year, November 3rd) with a special altar at the front of the church.

It is a time to remember our friends and relatives who have died, but still live on in our hearts. It is a day of the year when the distance between them and us is shortened, the veil between us and the afterlife is thinner. It is a day when we can feel a closer connection to them.

We will be "building" the altar on Saturday, November 2nd, from 9:00 to 11:00 am. Everyone is invited to come and participate for the whole time or any part.

Please bring pictures and/or mementos of loved ones to church on Sunday to place on the altar. Also part of the tradition is to place on the altar some object that is familiar to that person, like a favorite book, playing cards, can of soda, etc.

This year we will also be doing an outreach project assembling "blessing bags" for the homeless. These bags will include water bottles, crackers, moist hand wipes & a list of area food pantries.  Parishioners are encouraged to add items of their choosing to these necessity bags and to keep them handy in their vehicles for distribution.  


  Spirituality of Stewardship
St. George's mission is to worship God and share our faith through word, action, and service.  This mission courses through our veins as we reach out in faith to all people.  Through our various ministries our mission is being lived.  Over the past six weeks the community of St. George's has been engaged in the practice of stewardship spirituality. Focusing on the vibrant ministries of the church and our mission we have encouraged members to prayerfully consider making a financial offering for 2014. The stewardship committee has provided different avenues in which members can be engaged in the spiritual practice of giving.  On Sunday, November 3rd we will place the pledge cards received on the altar for a special blessing and commitment of our offerings.  If you have not turned in your pledge card, please bring it to church this Sunday.   
  Turkey Drive
St. George's will be participating in a Turkey Drive with El Buen Samaritano Episcopal Mission Oct 6 - Nov 10th.  Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a Turkey!  We are raising funds to purchase turkeys for El Buen's families when they come to pick up bags of food with delicious staples for a Thanksgiving meal.  You will see a "deplumed" turkey poster with feathers that represent the  cost of a turkey in Kleberg Hall. Please consider purchasing one or more feathers (each costing only $10) to supply a key ingredient to a Thanksgiving dinner.  Make a check to "El Buen Samaritano Episcopal Mission" (with "Turkey Drive" in the memo line) or give cash.  Carolyn Moreau will be collecting funds each Sunday for this "Hands for Hope" event.   Hopefully we can fill at least one poster and raise $200 for Hands for Hope!
The goal of El Buen is to provide a turkey meal for 1,000 families with the help of the faith-based communities here in Austin.  The Saturday prior to Thanksgiving (Nov 23) is the day traditional foods will be distributed to Austin families in need and some of the St. George's community may wish to volunteer to help on that day as well. Please contact Carolyn Moreau at  for more information.


Hallelujah Hour 
Come and get in the spirit of fall over a pint of ale!  
Parishioners will be meeting
Tuesday, November 5th at 5 pm at
(2310 Manor Road)

 This monthly gathering is open to regulars & newcomers who wish to get to know each other in a relaxed social atmosphere.

The Ministry of Deacon at St. George's

    A wonderful opportunity has arisen for St. George's!  The Diocese of Texas has recently placed a vocational deacon at our church.  The Rev. John Brewer will serve as deacon at St. George's beginning this month!  Rev. John comes to us from the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.  He is a very passionate and caring man and is excited to begin his ministry with us.  What is the ministry of a deacon, you may ask?  The Book of Common Prayer in the catechism says, "The ministry of a deacon is to represent Christ and his Church, particularly as a servant of those in need; and to assist bishops and priests in the proclamation of the Gospel and the administration of the sacraments."  Vocational deacons are non-stipendiary members of church staff, as they hold occupations in the community.  Rev. John works as an AC repair man for the Department of Public Safety here in Austin.  Rev. John's role at St. George's will be to lead the pastoral care ministry along with helping with our various outreach programs.  During our worship services Rev. John will fulfill various roles appropriate for the deacon; such as reading the Gospel, setting the altar table for communion, bidding prayers, and dismissing the congregation.  In the weeks to come Rev. John will begin his ministry with us and join our wonderful family of St. George's!  

New Support Group

     Nearly four years ago, my ex-husband and I were thrilled to discover that we were pregnant with our first child.   At the 20 week ultrasound, we found out that we were having a girl. Sadly, we also learned that our daughter, Amber, was sick with a terminal condition. After much thought, discussion, and tears, we decided to end the pregnancy two weeks later. It was, without a doubt, the most difficult decision that we have ever made.  

     Unfortunately, we are not alone. A very small percentage of terminations occur after the first trimester of pregnancy.   However, 98% of those are for medical reasons and they are devastating for the parents.   Over the years, I have met several other families in this situation who are heartbroken and without support.

     Therefore, I am proud to announce that a new support group, "Our Most Difficult Choice", will hold its first meeting on Thursday, November 7th in the Library at St. George's at 6 p.m.   The group will continue to meet on the First Thursday of every month.   Everyone in need of support is welcome. For more information or immediate support, I may be reached at
--By Carole Wall 
Grace Series: Wednesdays Nov. 13 & 20


All are encouraged to attend this Fall's Grace Series.  For two consecutive Wednesdays the St. George's community will gather in Kleberg Hall for a pot luck meal, followed by a lecture and discussion around Same-Sex Blessings.  We will be using the document 'Unity in Mission' by The Right Rev. Andrew Doyle. 
You can download the document here:


Parish Retreat
Each Fall, St. George's gathers for a time of rest, relaxation, and community building at the beautiful Well Spring Retreat Center on Wessendorff Ranch in the Texas Hill Country. This year's retreat will be held from Friday, November 15 - Sunday, November 17.   The retreat is dedicated to enriching our communal bonds as we enjoy times of worship, family and individual recreation, social activities, community building activities, and great food! There will be plenty of dedicated free time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Texas Hill Country, including the spectacular sight of the famous 'narrows.' Accommodations for families with children will be in motel style rooms with a dormitory arrangement for others when the motel rooms fill up.  You are asked to bring your own bedding, beverages and snacks to share.  Registration forms are available online.
The cost of the retreat includes sleeping accommodations and all meals. Scholarships are available; please contact Kevin Schubert for more information. Come and enjoy a relaxing weekend in a loving restful environment!

Retreat Cost Breakdown
(Family Maximum cost is $125)
Friday - Sunday Adults: $45
Friday - Sunday Children: $25
Saturday Only Adults: $15
Saturday Only Children: $10  
Vases for flower transport needed

The Altar Guild is in need of largish, relatively tall vases (3" - 4" diameter, 7" - 8" tall) for use in transporting altar flowers to shut-ins or those in the hospital. 
You may leave them in the church office or bring them to church and leave them in the sacristy (the far back room in the  church where the Altar Guild does their preparation). Please contact  Gayle Wall if you have any questions.  Thank you!
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Thank you for supporting  

St. George's School at this bookfair!

  Please shop at BookPeople  

    (603 North Lamar)   

any time between

November 10-16 2011

Mention to the cashier at checkout  

     to direct your donation to   

         St. George's Episcopal School 


Happy Shopping!

Open 9am-11pm Daily 512.472-5050 

*not valid for purchase of Gift Cards, camp registrations, or coffee shop items



  St. George's Episcopal School is offering handmade cookie dough
 provided through Kell's Cookies. 

Kell's Cookies is a made-from-scratch to-order cookie dough company based right here in Austin. If you are interested in placing an order please contact Interim
Head of School Kate Wright at 


Order should be placed between now and Tuesday, November 5th.  

The cost to purchase is $15 per 2-lb carton.   

Flavors include: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, & Sugar.  

The 2lb tubs of homemade dough can be saved and given as holiday gifts or baked to take to school, office or holiday parties! Delivery of the dough will be on November 21st.  

Treasury Notes

Below is a statement of St. George's actual income and expenses compared with the budgeted income and expenses for the first nine months of the year. A more detailed report is posted on the bulletin board in Kleberg Hall. Please contact parish treasurer Frances Rickard if you have any questions.








Total Income



Total Expenses



Difference between Income and Expenses






*This income and expense statement covers the church's general operating budget. Income comes from your pledges, loose offerings in the collection plate, donations for altar flowers, building use fees, reimbursements from St. George's School and St. Hildegard's, etc. It does not include donations to Outreach Committee projects, the memorial garden, parish retreat income, or other special fund-raisers.

Diocese of Texas
112th Annual Retreat for Women

The Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Texas is the fellowship of ALL women of the Church and is organized to enable the women to serve our Lord through Service, Worship, Education, Evangelism and Pastoral Care. All women in the parishes and missions of the Episcopal Church, Diocese of Texas, are members. The 112th Annual Retreat for Women is scheduled November 21- 23, 2013 at Camp Allen.  This year's theme is "Make Me a Blessing".  For more information, visit the website: Annual Retreat for Women

Website Changes  

A new feature on the website this month is the parish calendar. To get to it, go to the parish website, click on Current Events along the top menu, and then click on Calendar in the side bar (or go straight to A Google calendar is embedded on that page, which means any changes made to the calendar on the office computer will instantly appear on the website. At the top of the calendar, which appears in a monthly format, you have the option to switch to a weekly view and an "Agenda" format, which lets you see all the events at once. You can print out the calendar in any view.


On a personal note, after ten years of serving as website editor, I'm turning over the reins to Vanessa Nering, who has a front row seat for what's happening at St. George's and will be keeping the site updated. Serving as the website editor has been a very fulfilling ministry for me, and I give thanks for all of you who submitted information and suggestions over the years. Thanks also to Chad Harlan and Kyle McBride at Bazzirk (which hosts the website), who were always so helpful and patient with me whenever I needed technical assistance.  

- Frances Rickard

St. George's History
St. George's office has received some historical documents of our great church! 
The files we received are invaluable to understanding our past. The history of St. 
George's is rich and interesting, and should be shared with all! So, each month Father 
Kevin will choose a piece of that history to include in the monthly Banner. Please click on the link below for the retyped historical piece regarding the church bell. We hope you enjoy these installments of our history, and gain insight into our beloved church.     



 Historical account of St. George's Episcopal Church


November Birthdays

We wish the following parishioners a very happy November birthday:
Matt Puckett (Nov 2), Gabriel Moreau (Nov 5), Lin McMillan (Nov 11), Mary Stewart Miller (Nov 16), Dustin Worcester (Nov 20), Susan Dolan-Henderson (Nov 21), Ayla June Borrelli (Nov 26), Martha Sahs (Nov 26), Ellen Liu Scarborough (Nov 28), Terry O'Donnell (Nov 30),

Hildegard's Illumination: Interspirituality

Dear Friends at St. George's,
Thank you so much to those who contributed to my retirement gift and to those who gave the  gift of your presence at the celebration.  You helped make the day a very special one for me! 
Blessings and love, Judith+

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