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4301 N. IH 35
Austin, TX 78722  

Phone: 512.454.2523


Church office hours:  

Monday - Thursday 

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.  


Sunday Schedule

  • 8:00am - Holy Eucharist Rite I
  • 9:00am - Contemplative prayer
  • 9:45am - Choir rehearsal
  • 10:30am - Holy Eucharist Rite II  with Kids Word and Youth Word
  • 5:00pm - Recovery Eucharist

The Rev. Kevin LJ Schubert



The Rev. John Brewer


Anne Weaver 

Music Minister 

Jerri Thompson

Head of School


Melissa Eason Brackin

Raul Carrera

Mark Casstevens

August Dolan-Henderson

Spencer Gordon

Alice Nelson

John Rickard

Brad Dieringer

Claire Irwin 


Melissa Eason Brackin

Senior Warden

John Rickard

Junior Warden

Sandra Villalaz

Financial Secretary


Frances Rickard, Treasurer


Spencer Gordon, Clerk


Mark Casstevens, Day School Liaison  


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Mark Your Calendars
Nov 1st             All Saints' Sunday
Nov 8th             Gratitude Sunday
Nov 13th-15th   Annual Parish Retreat
Nov 29th           Advent Begins
Nov 29th           5th Sunday Potluck
Nov 29th           Advent Reading

Rector's Corner
Dear St. George's Family,
I pray that everyone is enjoying these beautiful days we are having. Fall is definitely here, and I give thanks for the beauty that surrounds us. I also give thanks for the wonderful worship service we enjoyed last Sunday. We welcomed several new members to St. George's through baptism, confirmation, and reception. We also witnessed the reaffirmation of Christian faith for three of our older members. A special congratulations is offered to all!  

This month is full of great opportunities to celebrate, worship, and refresh. On November 1st, we will celebrate All Saints' Sunday with a special Day of the Dead altar to remember those who have died in the past year. The following Sunday, November 8th, is the conclusion of our stewardship season, Forging an Attitude of Gratitude. On that day we will have a great opportunity to give thanks for the gifts God continually bestows upon us as we bless the gratitude of St. George's members in the form of a financial pledge in 2016. 

The weekend of November 13-15 all are encouraged to attend the annual parish retreat at the  beautiful Wellsprings Retreat Center outside of Blanco, TX.  This is a great opportunity to get away from the our busy lives for a bit of rest and relaxation.  Please fill out the registration forms as soon as you can, so we can plan accordingly. 

Throughout this month I hope that you continue to be enriched by this great community of St. George's. Each and every day I thank God for the continued commitment and dedication shown by all of you. And most especially I thank God for the friendship we share.  May God bless you always. 

The Rev. Kevin LJ Schubert  

Congratulations to all those who were
Confirmed, Received, Re-Affirmed, or  Baptized!
Aidan Cormier
Harper Schubert
Madison Smiser
Michael Smiser
Susan Highfield
Laura Henkel
Toni Brewer
Rick Salvo
Laura Cook
Joel McAlister
Mary Parker
Spencer Gordon
Hollie Gordon


Fall Back!
Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday, November 1st.  Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour 
before you go to bed!

Day of the Dead Altar

The "Day of the Dead" may sound like a horror movie title, but Día de los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and in some parts of South America and the U.S.
It is a time to remember our friends and relatives who have died, but still live on in our hearts. It is a day of the year when the distance between them and us is shortened, the veil between us and the afterlife is thinner. It is a day when we can feel a closer connection to them. At St. George's we will celebrate the day on All Saints' Sunday, November 1, with a special altar at the front of the church.
Denise Hope will decorate the altar on Saturday, October 31, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Come join in as you are able!
 All are welcome to come for as long as you can and participate in the altar's decoration.
On Sunday everyone is encouraged to please bring pictures and/or mementos of loved ones to church to place on the altar. Part of the tradition is to place on the altar some object that is familiar to that person, like a favorite book, playing cards, can of soda, etc., and/or to light a candle in their memory. Also, a sign-up sheet will be available if you would like your loved one's name added to the list of those remembered.

Wednesday Weavings
 The adult discussion group Wednesday Weavings will meet on the first and third Wednesdays in November from 6:30 to 8 p.m. We share a simple meal, have a short time of centering prayer, and discuss a selected reading from the journal Weavings: A Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life. Each week's reading stands on its own, so you don't miss anything but the good company and conversation if you can't come one week. Please bring a contribution for the salad bar meal (for example, fruit, vegetable, or crunchy toppings). 

This month, the gatherings are on November 4 at Gayle and James Wall's home and November 18 in Kleberg Hall.  Copies of the reading will be available in church on the Sunday before the Wednesday gathering. Give it a try this month! For more information, e-mail Frances Rickard

Gratitude Sunday is November 8th
 Gratitude Sunday is the conclusion of our stewardship season. We will turn in our 2016 pledge cards and give thanks for the blessings God has bestowed upon us. 
After both the 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. services a few images from the St. George's archives will be on display in the Wright-Giles House. Don't miss a chance to see some of the fun and special treasures in our parish history collection. Contact Frances Rickard at  or 512.346.5216  if you have any questions or would like more information on the archives project.

Update on the St. George's Archives
As reported in last month's Banner, I am working on a project to establish an archives for St. George's for my master's degree in Information Studies. What is an archives?, some may wonder. To paraphrase the Society of American Archivists, an archives consists of materials created or received by a person, family, or organization (such as a church) in the conduct of their affairs and preserved because of the enduring value of the information they contain. Archives are more than just a bureaucratic collection of records, however. They are a human experience, revealing to us the voices from our history and providing connections that link the current parishioners and ministries of St. George's with those of our past. To further illustrate this human aspect, I invite you all to stop by the Wright-Giles House after services on Sunday, November 8, to view some of the images from our archives and see some of the connections to our past.
My work this semester is really just the first phase of establishing our parish archives. There will be plenty more work to be done! Ideally the records should be housed in acid-free folders and boxes that will aid in their preservation and keep our parish history accessible for future generations. That will take some money and some volunteers to help transfer the records into the more protective containers. Other projects down the road might include incorporating our digital records (current records that are created on computers) into the archives and scanning the photographs to make them more accessible and less vulnerable to handling. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you might be interested in working in the archives next year. You can contact me at or catch me at church if you have any questions or would like more information. 

~~Frances Rickard~~


Annual Parish Retreat
November 13-15, 2015

Each Fall, St. George's gathers for a time of rest, relaxation, and community building at the
beautiful Well Spring Retreat Center on Wessendorff Ranch in the Texas Hill Country.
This year's retreat dates have changed to  Friday, November 13 - Sunday, November 15.
The retreat is dedicated to enriching our communal bonds as we enjoy times of worship, family and individual recreation, social activities, and great food! There will be plenty of dedicated free time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Texas Hill Country, including the spectacular sight of the famous 'narrows.' Accommodations for families with children will be in motel style rooms with a dormitory arrangement for others when the motel rooms fill up.  You are asked to bring your own bedding, beverages and snacks to  share.

Online registration is available on the church website: 

The cost of the retreat includes sleeping accommodations and all meals (Meals are not provided on Friday, so plan to come fed or bring your own). Scholarships  are available; please contact Kevin Schubert for more information. Come and enjoy a relaxing  weekend in a loving restful environment!

Retreat Cost Breakdown

(Family Maximum cost is $125)
Friday - Sunday Adults: $45
Friday - Sunday Children: $25
Saturday Only Adults: $15
Saturday Only Children: $10

Vases Needed!
The Altar Guild is  in need of largish,
relatively tall vases (3" - 4" diameter, 8" - 9" tall)
for u
se in transpor ting altar flowers to shut-ins
or those in the hospital. You may leave them in
the church 
office or leave them in the sacristy
(the far back room in the church where the
Altar G
uild does their preparation).
Please contact Gayle Wall with any questions. Thank you!

Hands for Hope  Turkey Drive

Hands for Hope gathers donations of the traditional foods served during Thanksgiving and distributes them to under-served families in Austin for Thanksgiving celebrations in their own homes. All proceeds directly help place food on the tables of under-served families. This event provides over 1,000 families with a Thanksgiving Dinner at El Buen Samaritano. During our Turkey Feather Drive, we are collecting funds to purchase turkeys
on 4 Sundays:   Oct 18 - Nov 8.  Please consider donating $20 to this worthy cause.  Also, volunteers are needed on Saturdays, November 7 and 14, 2015,
to register families living at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty income level register. Bilingual volunteers are especially needed, but non-Spanish speakers can help input family information into the online database.  If you have time to register folks Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings between Oct 1st and Nov 12, El Buen could also use your help.  On Saturday, November 21, 2014,  a group of 10 folks from St. George's will assist with distribution of the Turkey Dinners. On that day, pre-registered families will arrive at El Buen's campus to receive a frozen turkey, a pie and a bag full of Thanksgiving trimmings. Thank you for helping make hunger take a holiday!  

Contact  Carolyn Moreau at for more  information.

Carolyn Moreau
St. George's Hand for Hope Team Captain

Church Office Closed for Thanksgiving
The church office will be closed Wednesday, November 25th, through Friday, November 27th, for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Advent Begins November 29th
and the Church will be Adorned in 
The four weeks leading up to the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day is the season of Advent.  Advent not only marks the beginning of a new year in the church calendar, but it is also an important season to center ourselves around some particular themes. The primary theme of Advent is the patient anticipation for the birth of Christ. During the hectic secular season of the holidays, Advent affords us a period of expectation, patience, and hope.  At the same time, Advent also has themes of Jesus' reign over the Kingdom of God as the risen Christ. One focus of Advent is what is commonly called the "Second Coming".  Advent is the celebration of the promise that Christ will bring an end to all that is  contrary to the ways of God.

Many churches, including St. George's in the past, adorn the church and it's ministers with purple-colored hangings (on the altar and the vestments of the clergy). The Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church is primarily connected to what is known as the Sarum Rite (an Old English rite). In this tradition, blue is the traditional color of Advent.  During the Middle Ages, when blue was an expensive color to reproduce, purple was often used instead.  Theologically and for the church, the color purple denotes a time of penitence, commonly used during the season of Lent when we are led to be penitent of our sins.  Advent is not necessarily a penitent season, and so the use of purple during this time is not fully appropriate.  Blue is the color of the Blessed Virgin, and some of the important Advent themes are about the expectant birth, hope, expectation, confidence, and anticipation which are all represented through the color blue. We are excited to see these hangings displayed during Advent, 
they are truly spectacular!

5th Sunday Potluck
The next potluck lunch after the 10:30 service is 
Sunday, November 29th. This is a great opportunity 
for extra visiting time with church friends and 
visitors. Bring something to share if you can, 
but if you can't bring anything, don't let that keep 
you away. There's always plenty to go around! The 
loose offering funds collected at both services on 
this 5th Sunday will be designated for the church 
office move. Don't forget your non-perishable 
food item for the Hope Food Pantry.

The Story of Jesus
Join us at 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 29th,  
for "The Story of Jesus: A Reading from Luke 
with Hymns." This is a special Advent service; 
as a community, we will read through the 
Gospel of Luke and sing hymns. 
If you would like to participate as a reader, 
please see or email Kevin (
or Anne (

St. George's School

We are welcoming fall at St. George's School and have planted seeds in our garden. We are looking forward to seeing what grows! 

Our 2015 annual fund starts Monday, November 2nd. Thank you so much for all of your support!

The school will be closed November 25-27 for Thanksgiving. 

Have a wonderful autumn!

Jerri Thompson, M.Ed.
Head of School
St. George's Episcopal School

November Birthdays and Anniversaries

We wish the following parishioners a very happy November birthday :
Matt Puckett (Nov 2), Gabriel Moreau (Nov 5), Lin McMillan (Nov 11), Mary Stewart Miller (Nov 16), Dustin Worcester (Nov 20), Susan Dolan-Henderson (Nov 21), Alexandra Gamble (Nov 24), Ayla June Borrelli (Nov 26), Martha Sahs (Nov 26), Ellen Liu Scarborough (Nov 28), Martha Paull (Nov 28),  Terry O'Donnell (Nov 30)
And a very happy anniversary to:
Joe and Ashley Carrera (Nov 1)
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