The November Buzz
It’s safe to say this has been a year like no other. We have torn down many of our social structures and have yet to rebuild them. It is a year of loss and a year of growth. Whenever we lose, we also gain. I am using the end of 2020 to reflect on each month and identifying my moments of hardship and pain so that I can ask myself “what did I learn?” and “how has this made me better and stronger?” I have yet to find one moment of pain that I am not grateful for in some way. 

I hope that as you close out your year, you can take time to also reflect on where you were then and where you are now. I hope you see strength, courage and motivation to persevere into 2021 with eagerness and take with you the resiliency and adaptability we’ve learned in 2020. If you are interested in pursuing more of a growth mindset, please enjoy the various opportunities we have available at Simply Bee. 

With Gratitude,
What's Ahead
Campton United Soccer Club - November 9th
Simply Bee's Performance Coach, Eric Stevenson, MA, LPC & Audrey Grunst, MSW and former Division 1 athlete had the opportunity to partner with both the parents and athletes of the Campton United Soccer Club out of St. Charles, IL. The life lessons that can be learned as a child participating in a sport are endless which is why we developed our program, "Raising Coachable Kids". We support parents of athletes on five ways they can contribute to their children's success both on and off the field.

As an athlete skill and ability are certainly important but both are only further enhanced by having a strong mindset and tools you can turn to during difficult moments of a game. So often athletes struggle with their confidence and performance on the field, as well as how to let go of a mistake they made during a game. By teaching athletes mindset skills like positive self-talk, resilience and how to play in the present moment their confidence is enhanced and leads to a more positive experience in their sport.

If you would like to bring our performance team to your club, reach out to Manager of Community Education, Kate Kelley for more info.
Postpartum Webinar Series Launch Day - November 11th
Calling all mamas and mamas-to-be! Head to our website today at 4:00pm for the launch of our postpartum webinar with experts Audrey Grunst, MSW and Rachel Miller, PT, DPT.

Have you been wondering "What are the two most important things I can do postpartum?" or "What are common postpartum issues that I should be aware of?" Mentally and physically preparing for what the postpartum process looks like can be difficult. Every birthing experience and child are so different so whether this is your first or your fifth, you're not always sure what to expect. We wanted to support parents in how to have a values-based post partum experience.

We've got these questions and more covered in our FREE webinar! Plus at the end you can grab Dr. Rachel Miller's FREE postpartum e-book with more even resources!
Kappa Kappa Gamma Guest Speaker - November 15th: 5 Tips For Success
Simply Bee is so proud to partner with Kappa Kappa Gamma! It is a great honor and privilege for Audrey to be aligned with the KKG mission and vision.

She is spending time with KKG Northwestern to focus on “5 Tips For Success” on November 15th, 2020 and will present to several other chapters in the coming months.
How to Talk About Race: A Discussion for the Community - November 18th
Please join Simply Bee on Zoom alongside our panel of professionals in their fields of expertise as we examine not only the mental health impacts of this topic; but also the social and emotional outcomes this key issue has amongst members of our community.

Our goal is to come together from 7:00-8:00pm with an open heart and mind as our panelists' each share their social impact stories and why race myths carry heavy consequences that perpetuate further divide in our community. Empower yourself by engaging in this discussion and learn how to be more comfortable with discomfort.
*Pre-registration required

Panel Experts:
Dr. Donna Baptiste, Ed.D, LCP, LMFT
Department Chair & Clinical Professor
The Family Institute at Northwestern University

Shermin Kruse
Attorney, Professor of Global Transactions, Management Consultant, Tactical Empathy Specialist, and TEDx Producer

Warren Scherer
Assistant Dean of Students
University of Wisconsin-Madison Public Health Department

Ryan Wallace
Associate Pastor for Faith Formation
First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville
Eating Disorder Networking Meeting Presenter - November 20th: How To Maintain A Health Self Image As A Mental Health Professional In The Eating Disorder Field
Audrey Grunst, MSW will be presenting at the Eating Disorder Networking meeting. This event is open to mental health professionals who work in the eating disorder community and are looking to obtain CEU's.

Registration for this event closes November 13th. To reserve your spot, please email Robin Ross, Ph.D.
Finding Joy: Easing Restlessness in Teen's Body's and Minds - November 23rd
Has your teen been struggling the with boredom, restlessness and/or frustration? We get it, the last six months have been challenging!

Audrey Grunst, MSW & Nicole Walsh, LSW, RYT100 will help your teen settle their restless mind by teaching them gentle yoga movement and art activities to cope with boredom in a healthy way. We promise to provide the connection and joy that they've been missing in 2020. Space is limited to 20 participants max for safety so grab your teen a spot today!
Event Details
Time: 5:00-6:00 PM
Where: Libertyville Civic Center - Room E
Ages: 13-17
Cost: $35.00/person*
*A $10 non-refundable deposit now & remaining balance will be charged on 11/20/20

We will have extra social distancing and sanitation processes in place, masks are mandatory
In Case You Missed It
How To Be A Confident Professional Webinar
Have you ever found yourself wondering... "Why do I freeze in front of my boss, or a client?" or "Why am I constantly overthinking every decision to the point I'm less and less productive?" Maybe you just don't feel like yourself at work - not because you're upholding a certain level of professionalism but because you feel like you have to hide who you truly are in the workplace.

If this is you, check out our webinar with Therapist & Performance Coach, Eric Stevenson, LPC and Simply Bee Owner & Therapist, Audrey Grunst, MSW. They will walk you through not only why you might be feeling that way but more importantly, how to overcome it so that you can show up as a confident professional.
2020 AMLE Conference Presentors - October 23rd-25th
Simply Bee was thrilled to present at the Association for Middle Level Education's 2020 Virtual Conference. Audrey Grunst, MSW shared with educators on the topic of Practicing Failure: Training teachers how to foster resiliency through experiential SEL exercises; while Stephanie Smith, M.A., M.Ed presented on The Wellness Effect: Live happier and healthier and create a culture of wellness in your classroom.

It was an honor to support AMLE in their mission of helping middle school educators reach every student, grow professionally, and create great schools.
Community Resources
We recently connecting with Kim Novak, Founder and President of SHALE, Inc. and wanted to share more about this organization.

SHALE--Sharing Hope and Loving Experiences is a support group for families living with a child with a disability. Their mission is to support families with children or adults with intellectual, emotional, or physical disabilities. This group provides the research-based model of sharing personal experiences with the intention of providing emotional support for their individual situation and enlightenment through the sharing of hope and loving experiences. 

The following topics are addressed through their book and group meetings: Taking Control of Your Life, Acceptance, Attitude, Courage to Change the Things I Can, Wisdom, Building Structure, Detaching with Love, Humor and Gratitude, and Celebrating the Triumphs!

If you're interested in contact or meeting information, or in purchasing their book/manual please visit their website. SHALE, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization; there are no dues or fees for members to join.  
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