November 2018

Over the past 17 years I've had the privilege of working with many successful organizations. The top 1% all have one thing in common. Their top priority is measurable customer success. It drives everything they do. Consistent growth and profitability are the result. 

This month we focus on the single biggest factor in making your customers measurably better at their business - understanding them as well as they understand themselves.  When you attain that level of knowledge, your solutions are indispensable, your marketing messages speak directly to the agenda of decision-makers, and your salespeople are treated as trusted advisors.

As Proficientz begins year 18,  our customer success framework  for managing, marketing and selling solutions is still the only one of its kind. This month I'm pleased to announce that you can now  learn those customer success best practices anytime or anywhere with  Product Management University On-Demand Training . 6-month subscriptions start at $1495.

Enjoy our November issue. 

In This Issue
  • Sales, Positioning and the Nobody Zone
  • Product Management Responsibilities: Eventually, It's About Products
  • Make Your Customers Successful. Grow Profitably Doing It.
  • Pursuing a Product Management Career: The #1 Skill
  • Product Management Culture: Can You Measure It?

Sales, Positioning and the Nobody Zone
Staying Relevant Throughout the Sales Process
There's an old saying: "buyers are liars!" Good sales positioning and discovery techniques can help you understand true buyer motivations so you don't end up in the Nobody Zone.

If you've been in sales a month or more, you've been to the Nobody Zone! Three tactics for staying out! 

Product Management Responsibilities
Eventually, It's About Products

Product management responsibilities look completely different if you view them through the lens of the customer. For solution providers though, products are the basis for all things revenue and that can cloud the true objective of a product management function and how it operates.

Make Your Customers Successful. Grow Profitably Doing It!
Get Proficientz Training Anywhere, Anytime!
Five Reasons to Enroll
  1. You Want to Move Into a Product Management/Marketing Role 
    • No Formal Experience? No Problem. 

  2. You're Ready to Climb the Career Ladder
    • You've Mastered the Basics.

  3.  You Need a Skills Reboot
    • The Memory Leaks Are Hurting Your Performance - Just Like a PC.

  4. You Work For a Smaller Company
    • Good News - Bad News.

  5.  You're Part of a Big Team in a Big Company
    • Keep All the Moving Parts Aligned
In the Trenches!

Product Management Culture: Can You Measure It?

I'm considering jobs at several companies. How do I determine the importance of product management in a company's culture?
The Playbook
Pursuing a Product Management Career:  The #1 Skill

There are many skills that are important for success in a product management career, but there's one that stands head and shoulders above all the rest. Apply a little deductive reasoning to get there. 
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