Fall Sale... 
Other than 10 years ago and last week, FALL truly is the best time for planting here and we have been bringing in several truckloads of fresh crops every week. We also understand that fall is crowded with "chores" and that our eventual snows do curb planting enthusiasm. 
So... Here's to Fall Planting Season and a Fall Sale at THE perfect time.
   At the risk of sounding like a broken record (we do wind-up saying the same things over and over), there is no BAD time to plant here, though digging through snow (or worse, frozen soil) adds to the adventure of preparing a hole. We are ALWAYS planting for NEXT spring when plants will emerge at the right time in your garden in rich  amended soil and with a much larger root-system than they had in the pot when they were planted in fall. The plants will look the way they're supposed to look in our mountain gardens. When we plant in fall, the wait for spring is not so long. 
Fall weather is also cooler and easier on us and the tops of plants (reduced moisture loss) while the soil is continuing to warm (encouraging vital and precious root growth) until mid-November. There is no better time to plant. Deciduous woody trees and shrubs produce ~80% of their new roots in fall, AFTER they lose their leaves, and another ~20% in late winter, before leaves emerge. Conifers produce most of their roots in late winter, under the melting snow. The bigger the root system the more vigorous, robust and drought tolerant the plant. A wide planting hole, ample compost, plenty of organic fertilizers and mulch on top of the soil, all promote roots and thus healthy, vigorous plants.

We are still bringing in fresh plant material weekly with more trucks arriving from our growing-grounds these next two weeks. There have been quite a few people asking. The inventory and selection is AMAZING and now, the PLANTS ARE ON SALE!  See below for details.
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Fall Sale Starts 9/23 and runs through 10/14
Right NOW is the sweet-spot for gardeners: Villager Nursery has a huge, fresh selection, the plants are on sale (especially hardy perennials & wildflowers) AND it's the best time for planting (it's nicer planting in fall weather and plants LOVE it.)
Visit our Facebook page, our website References page and come by the nursery soon to shop the sale for the best choices.   I f you found this newsletter on-line or via Facebook, sign-up to receive your very own.
Planting Instructions
$15 OFF
of Biosol, $5 off per 50# bag (up to 3 bags)
Our Favorite Fall Fertilizer. Apply ANY time (although we usually apply to lawns AFTER the soil begins to freeze in mid-November).
Alternately, remember to bring back your empty 12lb. buckets of Biosol and we'll refill them for 19.99! 
  For now, if you bring in ANY 2g or larger container, we'll fill it with 12lb. of Biosol for 19.99!
Get 10% off any G&B fertilizers and use them with your Biosol for even better results.
IF you show this coupon. Expires 10/14/2018. Limit 3 discounts / customer. Feel free to with friends.
Fall Sale Details
Shade Garden
We offer a HUGE selection of the hardiest flowering perennials on earth along with MANY native wildflowers for your mountain landscapes. Plant wildflower seed but also plant wildflower-like bulbs and established plants   to gain a BIG head-start on a showy garden next spring.  *6-pack, 4" and quart herbaceous perennials 30% off. #1g @ 20% off!
ALL TOUGH-AS-NAILS TREES AND SHRUBS 20% OFF and one up to 40% OFF (see the other specials)
We have killed thousands of trees and shrubs in our 35+ years in Truckee while experimenting in our gardens finding the BEST plants to survive in your garden. Our selection represents the strongest species and varieties you can grow. Plant with rich Kellogg's composts, slow-releasing and live organic fertilizers and don't forget to mulch (we'll tell you where to get it free). 
Malus Spring Snow
30% Off Specials:
* FAT #10g 'Spring Snow' fruitless flowering crabapples reg.$169.99 @ $119.00
* Hardy  Fruiting Apple, Cherry, Pear, and Plum Trees. 
* All our fast growing vines including Hop Vine, Clematis, Porcelain Vine, Hardy Kiwi, Honeysuckle and Virginia Creeper.  
* Elderberry, Currant, Gooseberry, Grape, Blueberry and Honeyberry Shrubs.  Also, edible Piñion Pine trees!
* Native Sierra Spiraea splendens var. splendens (of "broad ecological amplitude").
40% Off Special:
* Native Green Chokecherry: Our native Prunus virginiana var. demissa. The cultivated variety of P. virginiana var. melanocarpa 'Canada Red' (@ 20% off) has a purplish leaf in summer. Chokecherries are fast-growing with abundant and fragrant spring flowers and fruit that makes excellent jelly. It also has nice orange fall color and can be hedged to almost any height.
Details here: 
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n-sulate plant-protect pkg
Floating Row-Cover, Frost-Fabric, N-sulate, Agribon, Agronet
A single layer provides 6-8°F of frost protection and a double layer even more. Light is only cut by 50% and in a sunny location that's more than enough light to keep your plants thriving if you leave it over your garden for the rest of the season. We also use it for spring hardening, spring / summer frost protection and hail protection.  Reg. $15.99  Fall Sale Special $11.99 / pack (10' x 12' each)...  limit 2.
Narcissus Daddodil
10% OFF* Bulbs
We select only the best, reliable, and inedible species and varieties of hardy bulbs for your High Sierra Gardens. Most of our bulbs are strongly deer and rodent repellent. Bulbs provide you pure JOY in late winter and early spring when we've usually had just-about-enough of the cold and snow. Bulbs are also the un-tapped secret to great Wildflower Gardens = a sure thing.
(Never waste a hole, toss bulbs in beside every tree and shrub you plant for more color.)
G&B Fertilizers are 10% Off - Including Fish Bone Meal (a great bulb food).
 * Discount on packages and individual bulb prices. Excludes double-discounts off sale or bulk pricing.
2cf Gromulch mature compost
Kellogg's Gromulch, Amend and Topper. G&B Bumper Crop, Gardener's Gold & Farmyard Blend PLUS all the outdoor bagged composts, manures, potting-soils and barks are BUY 4, GET 1 FREE!

ALWAYS plant with compost in our lousy soils for short and long-term success of your plantings. Side-dress in fall with rich composts and manures to feed plants for optimal root growth and NEVER FORGET TO MULCH on top as well! Most roots are quite shallow and love compost and protection.  Learn More
Thank You so much for your patience, your questions, your business and your friendship. We appreciate you all.
A couple of Fall Classes still on the calendar: 10/7 @ 10:30 at Villager "Autumn Gardening" and "Winterizing" 10/20...( events)
"Pray for snow"... (starting in late-November)
Sincerely,   Eric Larusson, Rob VanDyke and the entire Villager Staff.
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