In these uncertain times, we need YOUR help now more than ever!
If we are actually going to make progress fighting poverty and inequality in the next few years, it will have to be done locally. We can't wait on Washington to make anti-hunger and anti-poverty initiatives a priority. 

We are no stranger to tough times. Time and again we have won remarkable victories that have helped hundreds of thousands of people build better lives and become more self-sufficient.  We are going to stay focused on helping low-income people and working families escape poverty and inequality.  You have our promise, but we need your help!
Homemade Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner
The OC Food Bank Needs Your Help this Holiday Season to Provide Local Families with a Turkey Meal!

Unfortunately, the OC Food Bank is not going to have enough turkeys for those who walk through our doors this Thanksgiving. Everyone deserves to celebrate the season and provide a holiday meal for their family. PLEASE consider making a $20 donation to purchase a turkey for a hungry family... or, buy a 'flock of turkeys' to feed more than one family. We need your help more than ever this holiday season and we are grateful for anything you can provide. 

This holiday season, please fill the plate of hungry Orange County children and make a donation to the OC Food Bank.
Local Families Need Your Help!
This time of year can be especially difficult for families struggling to make ends meet. Gifts and holiday meals become secondary to low-income families when bills need to be paid. You can help make the holiday season so much brighter by making a meaningful, tax-deductible gift to support those less fortunate. It costs us approximately $100 per low-income person we "adopt" during the holidays. We use this monetary support to provide clothing and holiday meals for low-income families, and toys for children. If you would like to purchase gifts yourself for families in need, please contact: 
Shop at Whole Foods - Bella Terra
Our OC Food Bank is excited to announce that we have been selected by Whole Foods-Bella Terra in Huntington Beach to collect register funds and non-perishable food items through November 24th. If you are shopping in the area, please consider making a donation to the OC Food Bank. Be sure to print out this e-mail and use the following coupon as a thank you for your support:

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