The Brompton Bicycle Raffle is a tradition at ICTH. It's held each year to honor the legacy of our friend and colleague, Deb Hubsmith, founder of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. "Many know that the bicycle became Deb’s primary mode of transportation when she vowed not to replace her car after it was totaled in a crash. The bicycle is such a fitting symbol for Deb. It takes human power to move. Every inch of progress is made only by your own energy and determination."

"...let us mirror her passionate and collaborative spirit to keep the momentum going; each of us doing our part to improve our neighborhood, city, county, state, and nation until ALL children are able to be healthy and active, every day, for the rest of their lives."

Keeping aligned with Deb's spirit, ALL ICTH registered delegates will receive a FREE raffle ticket for a chance to win a Bromptom bicycle. The drawing will take place at the conclusion of the Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, 27 June. MUST be present to win.