The October Buzz

What a year is has become! If you know me at all, I love a good meme on social media. There's nothing better than someone capturing exactly how you feel with a silly image and a witty one liner. I think we can all agree when they say, 2020 needs to wrap up. But...I wouldn't be a true therapist if I didn't circle back around and say that we can always find the value in hardship.

If you tried hard enough, you can think back on times and find the grace and resilience of your darkest days, so this year will be no different. We will overcome and grow in many ways as we live through 2020 and beyond. Remember to find the strength in one another, grow your community, and know that you are never alone. Simply Bee and many others in this world are promoting health and happiness. Never let the darkness overshadow all of the good that lives in your life today.

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What's Ahead
Webinar Launch - October 6th: How To Be A Confident Professional
Have you ever found yourself wondering... "Why do I freeze in front of my boss, or a client?" or "Why am I constantly overthinking every decision to the point I'm less and less productive?" Maybe you just don't feel like yourself at work - not because you're upholding a certain level of professionalism but because you feel like you have to hide who you truly are in the workplace.

If this is you, check out our newest webinar launching today with Therapist & Performance Coach, Eric Stevenson, LPC and Simply Bee Owner & Therapist, Audrey Grunst, MSW. They will walk you through not only why you might be feeling that way but more importantly, how to overcome it so that you can show up as a confident professional.
Presenting at 2020 AMLE Conference - October 23rd-25th
Simply Bee is thrilled to present at the Association for Middle Level Education's 2020 Virtual Conference. Audrey Grunst, MSW will share with educators on the topic of Practicing Failure: Training teachers how to foster resiliency through experiential SEL exercises; while Stephanie Smith, M.A., M.Ed will present on The Wellness Effect: Live happier and healthier and create a culture of wellness in your classroom.

We look forward to supporting AMLE in their mission of helping middle school educators reach every student, grow professionally, and create great schools.
Webinar Series Launch - November 10th: Part One - Preparing For A Baby During A Pandemic; Part Two - How to Have a Positive Postpartum Experience During a Pandemic
Join Simply Bee's Maternal Mental Health Specialist, Anna Netzel, LCSW, PMH-C and Rachel Miller, PT, DPT of The Pilates PT for a two-part webinar series. We welcome you to join us for one or both parts of our series!

Part One is dedicated to expecting mom's (and their support partners) who are in their second or third trimester. We will focus on both the physical and mental aspects planning for birth during a pandemic.

Part Two is for anyone postpartum in the past 2 years (and their support partners). We will focus on both the physical and mental aspects of creating a values-based postpartum plan and experience.

**Stay tuned for registration details in the November Buzz**
Eating Disorder Networking Meeting Presenter - November 20th: How To Maintain A Health Self Image As A Mental Health Professional In The Eating Disorder Field
Audrey Grunst, MSW will be presenting at the Eating Disorder Networking meeting. This event is open to mental health professionals who work in the eating disorder community and are looking to obtain CEU's.

To register for your spot, please email Robin Ross, Ph.D.
In Case You Missed It
Simply Bee Classroom continues to support schools and educators through our professional development presentations. In September we were specifically focused on partnering with counseling teams to share tips on providing telehealth services for students.

Additionally, we were thrilled to launch the 4x4 Wellness Program in September with more schools coming up in October!

If you would like to bring a presentation to your school/district, please contact Kate Kelley, Manager of Community Education for more information.
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