The October Buzz
Each month when we sit down to plan The Buzz, we are met with the challenge to include everything we can without overwhelming you. From the conception of Simply Bee it has been our mission to serve through programs and public education. We are now to the point where we have archived e-books, blogs, webinars and more. To see everything that we have created, make sure you click on The Buzz links at the bottom to view events and news from the past months.
This fall there was a request to bring back Self Care Sunday's (from 2019) and to also add a boys' workshop. It's requests like this that keep us growing and serving. In addition, all of our speaking events have been a direct result of The Buzz. Every month we spread the word about current events and it sparks the reader's imagination to bring Simply Bee to their community.
Four years ago (nearly to the day) I went on a retreat and envisioned a mental health practice that served the community beyond its four walls...and here we are today! When I sent out my first newsletter, I had 100 subscribers and now has grown to thousands, and for that I am so grateful! For fun, here is a trip down memory lane: January 2017 The Buzz.
Have a great fall!
What's Happening This Month
World Mental Health Day - October 10th
Sunday, October 10th was World Mental Health Day. On the heels of momentum built from the inaugural Mental Health Action Day on May 20, 2021, we are proud to continue a partnership with the Mental Health Action Network, powered by MTV Entertainment and Mental Health Is Health. Their mission is to inspire people to take action for their mental health.

In recognition of this important day, Audrey Grunst, LCSW released a special edition episode on her podcast Well, Not Perfect with Brent Draper, Masterchef Australia contestant who is the best example of someone prioritizing and taking action for their mental health. Listen in on this episode to hear Brent's story of how he found the courage to speak up on national TV and how he is continuing to take action today.

We encourage all of you to do something in support of your mental health today and everyday because there's nothing more important than taking care of your health and wellbeing.
3 Ways To Improve Your Financial Mindset: A Free Webinar - Available Now
Talking about finances can be challenging and uncomfortable for many. It's a topic that can lead to feeling shameful, overwhelmed, and even guilty. Sometimes it's easier to just avoid it altogether, however, that typically only contributes to a cycle of more negative feelings in the long run.

That's why Angel Arnold, LPC, and Audrey Grunst, LCSW, teamed up to create this free webinar focused on ways to improve your financial mindset. Angel & Audrey take an in-depth look at the mental and physical side of our finances that often get ignored. 

The goal of this webinar is to help you build awareness around the relationship between finances and your overall wellness. By tuning in you will learn:

  1. How finances affect your mental & physical health
  2. The importance of utilizing financial tools
  3. Tools to cope with anxiety while working to attain your financial goals

Take the first step towards building an intentional and productive financial mindset with this webinar. 

*Disclaimer: We are not financial advisors. The content in this webinar is for educational purposes only. In order to make the best financial decision that suits your own needs, you must conduct your own research and seek the advice of a licensed financial advisor if necessary.
Self-Care Sunday Workshop Series - Sign Ups Are Open Now
Back by popular demand! Facilitators Emily Plesnicar, MA, Stephanie Bersh, RYT-200, and Stephanie Smith, Health & Nutrition Coach will combine their expertise to provide tangible self-care strategies to help your middle schooler grow a strong mind, strong body, and strong heart

In this workshop series, your daughter will:
  1. Develop a deeper understanding of self-esteem
  2. Learn stress management techniques through hands-on activities & weekly take-home gifts
  3. Build mindfulness skills to use on a daily basis

The middle school years can be a challenging time for many teens as they develop their own identities and interact with those around them. The Self-Care Sunday series was created in order to help teens navigate these years with a sense of confidence, self-esteem and healthy habits to take care of their well-being.

Workshop Details:
When: First 3 Sundays in November | 4:30-5:45 p.m.
  • Week 1: 11/7 - Self-care for Stress
  • Week 2: 11/14 - Intention Building
  • Week 3: 11/21 - Increase Confidence
Who: Open to all middle school girls (Grades 6-8)
Where: Heather's Gym - 504 1st St. Libertyville
Cost: $120/person (includes a hands-on activity and take-home gift each week)*
*No refunds for missed days

Space is limited - grab your spot now!

*This event will be indoors, masks are required and we will follow current CDC Guidelines on Social Distancing. Please do not have your child participate if they or anyone they've been in contact with in the last 10 days has tested positive.
Boys Workshop Interest List
It is always our mission to provide valuable workshops, content and opportunities for all. If you have a son who would be interested in a similar workshop (activities and topics would be relevant to the age-group and current needs), please submit your response to the form found under the Self-Care Sundays registration to be added to our 2022 workshop interest list.
LCCA Presentation - October 22nd
Now that school is back in session, the more than 100+ Lake County Counselors Association members will attend their annual Fall Workshop. This year Audrey Grunst, LCSW, will be presenting on "Better Than Fine: Improving The Mental Health of Educators."

In this session, participants will explore the social, emotional, and cultural factors that have contributed to the decline of self-care and overall mental health of educators, along with an increase in mental health diagnoses such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse. The goal is to walk away with a clear understanding of the impact that mental health stigmas have on the self-care of educators, and to be able to identify stressors that they and their peers face as community counselors. We will collaboratively explore solutions that are unique to the specific micro and macro level needs in their school, district, community and beyond.

If you are a member of LCCA and have not yet registered to attend, please contact Erin Smith.
Coming Up Next Month
Ask Us Anything with LEAD CEO Andy Duran - November 2nd
Calling all community members! Join LEAD's Executive Director, Andy Duran, and Audrey Grunst, LCSW & Owner of Simply Bee for another Ask Us Anything!

This is an opportunity for you to get free, candid insight from two experts in the field of substance use and mental health. When we say 'Ask Us Anything', we mean it: nothing is off limits! Andy & Audrey will be talking all things teens, substance use, adolescent mental health, why young people do what they do, and how parents can have effective relationships with their teens. You will even be able to anonymously submit your questions in advance of the event once you register.

Event Details:
When: Tuesday, November 2nd | 7:00pm-8:00pm
Where: Livestream on Zoom, Registration Required
Who: Open to all members of the community
Cost: Free
Parents Role in Building Confident & Happy Athletes - November 3rd
We are excited to partner with Wauconda High School for this workshop geared towards the parents of athletes. Our goal is to provide sports psychology tips for how they can best support their child effectively so they can gain increased resiliency skills and confidence - both on and off the field.

Eric Stevenson, LPC is a counselor and mental performance coach at Simply Bee who provides support to both athletes and parents regularly. He uses sports psychology skills and methods to help avoid situations like the dreaded car ride home or the quiet dinner table after a big loss or tough practice.

If you are an athletic director or parent who would like to see this workshop at your school, please reach out to Kate Kelley, Manager of Community Education for more info. We have two spots left in our fall calendar!
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