October 2020 marks the anniversary month for three Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers: Great Egg Harbor, White Clay Creek, and the Wekiva!
Map of Great Egg Harbor
The Great Egg Harbor Wild and Scenic River is located in New Jersey
Map of White Clay Creek
White Clay Creek Scenic and Recreational River travels through Pennsylvania and into Delaware
Map of Wekiva
The Wekiva is the only Partnership Wild and Scenic River located in Florida
Great Egg Harbor: Celebrating 28 Years

Highlights of the Designation Origin Story of the Great Egg Harbor River

Find out about Water Quality on the Great Egg Harbor River

The Wekiva River: Celebrating 20 Years

Happy 20th, Wekiva!
Find out about this River's Designation Origin Story

Learn about the Wekiva's Water Quality
White Clay Creek: Celebrating 20 Years

To celebrate White Clay Creek's 20th anniversary, read all about their
Learn about White Clay Creek's exciting Water Quality efforts along the river with help from volunteer scientist, Rob Tuttle
New Partners
Welcoming Andrew Petitdemange
A headshot of Andrew Petitdemange wearing glasses and a red flannel shirt.
Andrew Petitdemange joined the Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers staff at the end of September as the new Natural Resource Specialist. With about a decade of National Parks Service experience, Andrew brings with him a passion for ecological stewardship as well as management expertise. He will be working with NPS Region 1 and will join Liz Lacy in supporting the Eightmile, Upper and Lower Farmington, and Westfield designated rivers.

Andrew’s dedication to the NPS is a testament to his belief that our public lands are for everyone; he holds a particular interest in environmental justice. He is looking forward to working with and learning from the PWSRs in community-level planning. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family, particularly hiking along rivers or streams. With two young children, Andrew has a deep appreciation for the tranquility and peace brought by the sound of a flowing river.  

Welcome to Andrew!
River Connections PWSR Video Kate Geis
The River Connections video features the work of PWSRs.
In our next issue...
Look for a continued celebration of the PWSRs with November designation anniversaries: Lamprey River (NH), Lower Delaware River (NJ/PA) and the Westfield River (MA)

The NPS Wild and Scenic Rivers Program is getting ready to put together the third edition of their annual newsletter, River Currents. This edition will have a PWSR focus. Look for the official call for articles in early November. If you are interested in joining the annual newsletter mailing list or have questions, please contact Katie Willi at kathryn_willi[at]partner.nps[dot]gov

Newsletter edited by Shana Stewart Deeds, Cassidy Quistorff, Corita Waters and the wonderful staff and volunteers from all three river systems - Thank You!