Volume 6 / Issue 10 | October 2019
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue: New book on racial reconciliation ... The believer's adoption ... The inconvenient truth of hell ... When believers are sealed ... and more!
New book on diversity
and racial reconciliation
Diversity and racial reconciliation are far more than social justice issues. They permeate Scripture from beginning to end, urging believers to work to heal the wounds of racial division. That's the theme of One Church, All People , a new book by Bill Victor just released by the Missouri Baptist Convention.

The Bible makes a compelling case for the church to live as a community that transcends racial and ethnic differences.

The believer's adoption
The New Testament doctrine of adoption is sublime. It brings God and redeemed people into an everlasting relationship. Believers in Jesus are both born again and thus reckoned as children, and adopted into God's family with the full benefits and responsibilities of adults.

Adoption into God's family is a part of his eternal plan for all who trust in Jesus. Read an excerpt from What Every Christian Should Know About Salvation from the Missouri Baptist Convention.

The inconvenient truth
of hell
The doctrine of hell is a disturbing one. The very idea of suffering and separation beyond the grave elicits a wide range of responses, from anguish to anger, and from despair to denial. Shockingly, fewer Mainline Protestants believe in hell than do Americans in general. Even for many Evangelicals, hell remains an inconvenient truth.

So why believe in hell at all? Actually, there are a number of good reasons.

When believers are sealed
When believing sinners entrust their lives to Christ, the Father seals them with the Holy Spirit, placing His divine mark of ownership on them, thus ensuring His everlasting presence and their eternal security.

Our assurance -- that is, our confidence in the security we have in Christ -- isn't based on feelings, words, or works; it's grounded in the eternal and wholly reliable God of our salvation.

What Every Christian Should Know About the Trinity
The Missouri Baptist Convention has released a new resource for personal or group study. What Every Christian Should Know About the Trinity explores the biblical foundation of belief in one true and living God, who exists as three distinct, but inseparable, co-equal, co-eternal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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