Update #11 - July 09, 2020
"The main reason I have purchased my Virtual Wine Fest ticket is to support DRS in any way I can..."
Less Than a Month Away
The new Virtual Wine Fest is less than a month away. Don't miss out! Tickets are selling fast.
Learn about the newly released Odell canned wine from their winemaker Travis Green , all from the comfort of your own home. A perfect way to spend a (hot) summer Friday evening!
About Travis
Winemaker Travis Green began his career in North Georgia where he and his family built a small estate winery in the Appalachian mountains, planting the first vines in 2007. As the industry grew, Travis became intimately connected with Georgia winemaking, consulting with local vineyards to craft award-winning wines and helping to establish the area’s first American Viticultural Area. In 2017 Travis became winemaker at City Winery Atlanta, working with small lots of grapes from world-class vineyards in California, Oregon, Washington and Georgia to craft the first wines made in Atlanta since Prohibition. In 2020, Travis and his family moved to Fort Collins to help launch The OBC Wine Project , combining his winemaking experience with his love of craft beer. Sourcing fruit from some of the best sites in the Pacific Northwest, Travis is excited to explore winemaking through the lens of Odell’s 30-year history of quality, innovation and creativity.

"...Also, it's always fun to be the first on the block to sample a new product from a trusted, supportive local brewer. And to hear the story behind the wines direct from the winemaker and master."
Wine Wisdom
There has been a high increase in sales of canned wine over the past several years. This image is from the fall of 2019 in Wine Economist . Learn more about canned wine and its popularity, particularly the newly released Odell wine, at our Virtual Wine Fest,
Friday, August 7th | 6:30pm-8:30pm
Thank You
A special thank you goes out to Odell Brewing Co. and the OBC Wine Project for generously underwriting the cost of Virtual Wine Fest. 

Though the traditional version of Wine Fest did not take place this year, please support all the businesses that were sponsors of the original live 2020 event.
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