Welcome to the inaugural issue of our newsletter!  We've got some pretty important developments, so we thought it was a great time to start this new medium of reaching out to the businesses that mean the most to us...


For starters, there's something REALLY BIG in the works, an Online Mall that will be the largest of its type in the entire world!   What does this mean to you? Banshee Cloud is currently perfecting systems and technologies that you will have direct access to.  Many of our basic ecommerce and even static websites, plus database applications may be automatically updated with some of these systems at no additional charge to you.



  • We've Partnered with Constant Contact to deliver the BEST RESPONSIBLE EMAIL MARKETING in the industry!
  • Our Online Mall will give you access to GROUNDBREAKING TECH!
  • banSHIELD - the same computing security we give to networks is now available for EVERYONE!
  • atomic-accounting saves businesses money through a lower Total Cost of Ownership!


Our Mission is to use technology to empower businesses through computing solutions and online marketing.  We have a wide variety of POWERFUL and COST-EFFECTIVE solutions that can SAVE YOU MONEY and DOMINATE YOUR COMPETITION!

We've Partnered with Constant Contact

If you follow us on social media, you may have noticed that Banshee Cloud is now a Constant Contact Partner. As you probably know, it has always been our cause to eliminate spam email and promote responsible email marketing. So we've joined with the world's top resource in this area and are pleased to offer not only email and newsletter marketing, but a whole range of services.  Which gives us another reason to start this newsletter! 


Please visit http://t2d.la/constant to learn more!



Online Mall

Within a matter of weeks, we will be launching our Online Mall. Our initial membership will include approximately 20 independent online stores, each of which is linked to and searchable from the mall. We hope to approach nearly 100 stores in a matter of months. Planned features include a photo wall of all stores and another wall for featured products. Our eventual plan is to incorporate proprietary software to revolutionize the shopping experience, with advanced features such as augmented and virtual reality.


In the coming days, we will be posting updates on our web development subsite, http://websites.bansheecloud.com 




I once wrote in our blog that if attempted break-ins at our homes and businesses were as frequent in the real world as they were with our computers, the streets would look like the zombie apocalypse. With an alarming number of malware incidents, many of our clients have benefited firsthand from our multiple layers of security from numerous software vendors (including ourselves) to protect, clean, back up, and recover computers, servers, and entire networks.   What concerns us is that the situation on home networks and consumer devices is far worse, due to the nature of consumer browsing behavior.


Malware has truly gone out of control and we're going to do something about it. Learn more at www.banSHIELD.com !




Several of our clients had expressed an interest in custom accounting systems. Since we are software developers, it certainly made sense. But we also looked at how people work with pre-packaged accounting software, including the ones many small businesses would purchase at the warehouse stores. And a common thread emerged.   We recalled how accounting was one of the first software systems developed. And how we have observed something from even the early days of personal and small business accounting. Namely, that businesses and users usually saw shortcomings in the way their canned accounting packages functioned. So they used spreadsheets, external databases, and reporting software to generate the analysis, reporting, and sometimes even record keeping that their accounting system didn't handle.


So we include only the features you need or anticipate needing. And if you're not sure, we can guide you. Collectively, our team has over 50 years of experience with accounting software. And we see that modern accounting systems have become quite bloated, in an attempt to cover everyone's needs. If you're not sure what we mean by that, look at the menus on your existing system. Then consider how many of those features you don't even use.


We'll cover how are system is faster and more secure in a later installment. Meanwhile, you can find out more at www.atomic-accounting.com 



Well, I guess this is enough for our inaugural newsletter.   I could continue forever talking about all the things we do and our latest news. After all, we are obsessively committed to using the latest tools to empower businesses. It is Our Mission.


You can always find this newsletter and more news online at http://blog.bansheecloud.com ! There's also frequent updates there. For the real-time info, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!


Wishing you Empowerment!


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