Welcome to our second regular official newsletter!   In this issue, we've gathered some original content of timely relevance to the small and medium sized businesses that we are sworn to help empower.   Some comes directly from us and some comes from our industry-leading partners, such as Microsoft and Constant Contact.


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Downloads - Continuing To Be A Big Security Risk

By Banshee Cloud


This is probably one of the oldest online security issues, yet it continues to create problems on many of the computers we maintain. Our best advice is to download software ONLY from the original sources.

The business of cybercrime

Courtesy of Microsoft Community Connections


Cybercrime is a rapidly growing criminal business, impacting millions of people and organizations around the world.  


Cybercrime costs the global economy up to USD$500 billion annually. Consumers will spend USD$25 billion and 1.2 billion hours dealing with security issues from counterfeit software in 2014. And one in five small- and medium-sized businesses have been targeted by cybercrime.


Spamming Can Hurt You

By Banshee Cloud

As a small business, it is very tempting to just start sending out sales email to any address you can find. After all, it's free to email.


But many people don't realize that if your email is not sent our correctly, spam filters will simply block your messages. Worse yet, your email address will be "blacklisted" so that mail servers throughout the world will also block your messages.   You could be sending out your emails and not even realize that no one can get them!


And all it takes is using the wrong wording or using methods utilized by spammers.


Oh and by the way, you can be fined $16,000 for EACH spam email you send out.


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