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An Update from the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission
April 2018

A Clean Sweep from the River to the Ocean!
Each year, volunteers remove tons of litter, especially plastics, from the Ohio River during the Ohio River Sweep. Removing plastics from rivers before the they reach the ocean is a great way to help a global problem! If you would like to help clean the watershed and impact water EVERYWHERE, you can volunteer for the Ohio River Sweep on Saturday June 16, 2018. There are over 100 locations to choose from along the Ohio River. Last year, over 8,000 people volunteered, and you can too! To find a location near you, check out You might get your shoes dirty, but you'll be keeping our water clean!

New Faces in Fun Aquatic Places!
Bridget Borrowdale  has her master's in environmental science from Indiana University and spent the last 3 years working with USFWS monitoring Asian Carp populations on the Illinois River. When she's not out exploring the river, you might find this aquatic yogi gardening or looking for adventure on a wilderness hike. 

Danny Cleves  worked for ORSANCO 3 years ago as a contractual biologist, and we are thrilled he's back! A graduate of Northern Kentucky University, he most recently worked on eradicating invasive beetles and saving native trees at the Ohio Dept of Agriculture...but he's now returning to the land (or water!) of aquatic river biology.

Welcome Bridget and Danny to our aquatic biology crew!

Students in the STREAM with FORE
The Foundation for Ohio River Education (FORE) is launching a new Students in the STREAM program in Greater Cincinnati for students to test waterways located near their schools. The STREAM program uses technology, art, and hands-on materials to help students understand how their stream connects to the Ohio River Watershed. Classes are even provided with bags and gloves to do small clean-up events at their testing sites. 
FORE is also accepting applications for their spring and summer River REACH floating classroom programs! For more information on both programs, visit:

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