The Ohio River Channel
A Periodic Update from the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission
September 2019

Monitoring for HABs on the Ohio River
ORSANCO regularly monitors the Ohio River for HABs (Harmful Algal Blooms), since some algae can produce toxins called microcystins which can be harmful if ingested. Ohio drinking water utilities report algal blooms to ORSANCO, who in turn, notifies downstream water utilities to protect drinking water. Algal blooms are most common in the summer months, although they may occur any time of the year, especially in water bodies with low and slow flow and areas with clear, warm water. 

Pictured to the left are  Pediastrum and Aulacoseira, nontoxic algal species found during routine algae monitoring on the Ohio River. To learn more about ORSANCO's HAB monitoring program, click here

Ohio River Art Sweeps the Basin!
ORSANCO's Student Art Contest is held every year to promote the Ohio River Sweep and the need for volunteers. The winning artwork is displayed on promotional materials for the cleanup event, such as posters and volunteer T-shirts. The 2019 poster winner was Marilyn Snedaker from Cincinnati, OH. One winning artwork is also selected from each grade level, K-12. For more details about the Ohio River Sweep and the upcoming 2020 Student Art Contest, click  here.

Fish Floating Near You
ORSANCO staff has regularly displayed Ohio River fish throughout the watershed since 2002 with its 2,200 gallon mobile aquarium. Since that time, this unique tank, Life Below the Waterline, has been on display at over 100 events in eight states. On September 21st, the tank will be featured in Pittsburgh at the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority Open House. Click here for the full aquarium schedule and stay tuned with updates about where to see the tank in 2020!

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