The Summer Olympics are starting August 5th and you'll witness the world's greatest athletes compete for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals! But before the Olympics begin, we are excited to now offer registration details for our upcoming Spiritual Development Forum and Called To Greatness Workshops.  Take a look and read why this could be one of the most valuable experiences of your life!
"I have been practicing the Christian faith for over 40 years. When I heard about the Spiritual Development Forum, privately and foolishly I thought to myself that there would be little to gain by participating. What I did not appreciate was the eclectic, patchwork nature of  my world view .  The Spiritual Development Forum helped me to rewrite my narrative.   I actually wrote down a personal statement of faith from an amalgamation of SDF workshops."  
"From The SDF I created a personal creed,  "Matti's Creed ". I pull it out and read it from time to time. It is a great refresher. It is highly personal and highly reflective. It is just what I needed at this point in my life.  I cling to my personal Creed as it keeps me grounded in the basic elements of faith essential to my unique situation. I'm grateful to have it. I'm grateful to the Spiritual Development Forum."
M.M. Paavola -  2015 MAJ Trial Lawyer of Year  -  2015 Daily Record Leader in the Law Winner
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Spiritual Development Forum
Workshops for Spiritual Growth

Beginning in October a two-year, 20 workshop program.  It is unique, yet it is a movement stirring all over the country! The Meadow is bringing to the Baltimore Area "The Spiritual Development Forum". You will experience creative, interactive, experiential workshops designed to help you develop your spiritual relationship with God!   If you feel your spiritual life is missing something or just want to kick-start your relationship with God, the Meadow's SDF is a place to root yourself in God's unfailing love! Explore topics that relate to each of us because they are real world issues we all face. Discover a deeper, richer relationship with Jesus Christ!   It  will not  be a place where you will get a spiritual high that will leave when the meeting is over. It  will  give you principles of spiritual health that will take you through the rest of your life.


Called To Greatness   Becoming the Person God Created You To Be!
Jump into a comprehensive look at your life and explore the greatness that already exists! You can take the time to really focus and realize that God has so much more for you.  You'll be able to take your life on a journey that will help you release your potential greatness! This comprehensive look at your life and your future will transform you, emotionally, physically, relationally and spiritually.
You'll see where your effectiveness can be fulfilled and most importantly you'll learn how to create time to hear from your heart where God wants your giftedness to meet the sufferings of the world.
The Meadow Retreats
Bon Secours Retreat Center
Topics for the next SDF Retreats include, "Prayer", "Effectiveness Profile - The Traffic Light Approach","Journey of the Heart - Knowing God" and "Spiritual Formation - Why is it Important".  Come enjoy relevant topics in a serene and inviting atmosphere that is sure to give you a sense of peace, well-being and encouragement.

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