August 2017, Issue 75
The Monthly Jewel
Your sacred space is where you can find  yourself again and again.  
~Joseph Campbell 
Is Our Health Crisis Really a Crisis of Consciousness?

Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
We have been taught the body degenerates with age.  Maybe so, but Americans have normalized a growing number of symptoms as typical aging. But do we have to be typical? Can aging look differently? Read what Dr. Kumar has to say about conscious intention and the remarkable change it can make in our bodies. Read More

Three Ways to Wellness

Maryanne Riege, CHHC

Maryanne is offering "Meet-up" type group sessions for people already on the path, but seeking like-minded individuals, or those interested in beginning the journey toward optimal health and plant-based dietary choices.  Starting in September there are a myriad of offerings which you'll be excited about. Take a look at the schedule here...

Shadow and Scapegoat

Boris Matthews, PhD

Our shadow is that part of ourselves "we have no wish to be" - and currently, all we need to do is take a look at national & world news to see we have become expert at projecting that shadow onto others - scapegoating.  Boris shares an article that reveals this is a phenomenon with ancient roots.  Now is the time to transform these aspects of ourselves... Read More
Finding Your Voice, Purpose, Speaking Your Truth:  
The Throat Chakra

Shelley Carpenter, PT,RYT,RM

This energetic center deals with the principles of expression and communication. As such, it is often the chakra that can best be worked with in mid-life when we may find ourselves struggling to shed the skin of our previous interactions in an attempt to transform the confines of our life situations. Gentleness is the ideal approach when working with this chakra. Shelley shares a simple, restorative yoga pose for the chest and throat. Two to five minutes a day is all it takes... Read More
We are looking for a motivated, experienced, non-clinical staff person to become an integral part of our practice.  Take a look at our job posting and pass it along to anyone you think may be interested in and qualified to join our group of incredible and dedicated employees.  Thanks in advance for spreading the word!

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