February 2018, Issue 81
The Monthly Jewel
 Nothing is more terrifying than the feeling deep in our souls that we don't know ourselves and the people closest to us don't know us. 
 ~Bud Harris, PhD
An Antidote for These Patriarchal Times

Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
Whether female or male, how do we nourish the Feminine when She is not normalized by the culture, modeled for us, or imprinted by our parents? How do we fan the ember of Self that needs to be set ablaze?  With sensitivity and reverence, Dr. Kumar shares personal thoughts about how to counteract and bring healing against the fierce patriarchal energy that permeates society. Read More...

Whole Food Detox
 Dr. Rose Kumar 
and Maryanne Riege, CHHC

Wednesday, March 21st

The MKE Public Market event in January was so well received, Dr. Kumar and Maryanne Riege were invited back to present a Whole Food Detox talk and demonstration on Wednesday evening,  March 21 . They will present a healthy way to detoxify your body by eating plant based whole foods.  Learn about natural ingredients to help eliminate bloating, fatigue, and lack of focus. For information and to register for the event contact MKE Public Market.

Strategies for Parenting, 
Stress Management & More

Stephanie Delmore, 

A self-identified social science nerd, Stephanie makes it a point to post articles of interest on her personal Facebook page. If you're seeking articles related to parenting, anxiety, depression, mind-body medicine, stress management, and more, make it a point to visit her page. Find link here...

Melt Into Gravity

Shelley Carpenter, 

Breathing techniques have become a way to diminish symptoms of the stress response.  But what happens when the attempt to "breathe mindfully" actually increases stress and causes a deeper body gripping?  Shelley provides specific instructions to help us recognize the feeling of "melting into gravity" and the anti-stress and health benefits that can be gained with doing so.  Be kind to yourself and try it. Read more...


On Saturday, March 3, Shelley Carpenter is offering a Reiki I Class for anyone interested in developing the basic skills to do Reiki for themselves or others.  Contact Shelley directly via email at: pureenergyyoga.com, to learn more and register.  Space is limited, cost is $160. 


Our own, Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT, RMT, will present a talk addressing care of the physical body as a spiritual practice.  All are welcome to attend,  1:30PM, Thursday, February 22, 2018See attached flyer .

Homeopathic Home Use Remedies - Bruising and Arnica

David Johnson,
Certified Classical Homeopath

During the past few months, Dave has been offering brief articles to educate readers in the simple, everyday, home use of homeopathic remedies. This month he describes the use of arnica care with a much broader definition of "bruising" than you'd imagine. Read More...

Companions for the Journey IV

Boris Matthews, PhD, LCSW

Simple things are always the most difficult, says Carl G. Jung.  Boris shares stories collected from many sources to help support our own efforts with attention and intention to help us develop the capacity to go beyond our current mental state. In so doing, he hopes we can develop the "soul" to help us combat the dog-eat-dog  reality with which we are plagued. Read More...

Acupuncture & The Immune System

Aimee Brown, LAc, MSOM

This season, cold and flu symptoms are devastating many of us. The energetic balance of the immune system is strengthened with regular acupuncture therapy. Aimee explains how acupuncture can boost immune response even when the intended purpose is for something else.  

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