February 2020

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Sentimentality is not connected to feeling function.  It arises from the mind, not the heart.  It lacks passion and emotion.  It is not connected to the real Self.  It is an extension of the adapted self.  In some families, sentimentality is mistaken for love.  
Feelings are the Medicine that Does the Healing
Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
Dr. Kumar says feelings have a great deal to do with the healing process. Don't apologize for your feelings - explore and embrace them as a normal and sacred part of life. Read more...

by Dr. Rose Kumar
Khichadi is a dish popularized by Ayurvedic practitioners in the West but is a staple in India for anyone who is sick. It is common for this dish to be the first solid food that is fed to babies (without the spices) as it is easy to digest and balances all three  doshas in the body when made with moong dal. Moong dal is packed with plant protein, a detoxifier in addition to being a dosha balancer, and is considered one of the most nutritious lentils in India.  When it is soaked, if it sprouts a little, it vitality increases which increases your body's vital energy. 
Self-Love...Step One of the THree Pillars of Self Mastery
 Eric Ehrke, LCSW, LMFT

Do you love yourself? Self-love is the secret to overcoming any negative mirror or event from the outside world. Consider what works in your life and let go of anything that isn't nurturing. Eric's article includes a road map to guide you with your effort toward a persistent state of self-love.  Read More...

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