January 2018, Issue 80
The Monthly Jewel
 If we don't find the meanings hidden in our souls, 
the world loses presence and people who have no idea who they are 
come to dominate society.  
~  Michael Meade
Shining Our Light Into the Darkness;
The Upside of the #MeToo Movement

Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.
When our personal boundaries are violated and we don't have a safe place to emote, we feel like we're in solitary confinement. The current societal "upchuck" is revealing the truth and authenticity is replacing unhealthy adaptation.  This leads to a clearing that will result in personal and cultural health that has been a long time coming. Dr. Kumar says it's a reclaiming of the Feminine Principle that is much needed. Read More Here

Homeopathic Home Use Remedies-Second in a Series

David Johnson,
Certified Classical Homeopath

What are the ABCs for acute illnesses?  Read David's piece to learn about three simple, easy to dose, homeopathic remedies that can make an amazing difference when dealing with fright, shock, fevers, irritability and more.  A big plus, the remedies are also safe for use with children. Read More Here

Emotional Responsibility

Boris Matthews, PhD, LCSW

What does it mean to be emotionally responsible?  Boris gives us examples of the importance of being "emotionally house-broken."  We're bombarded by a culture that lacks emotional responsibility and polarizes and divides us from one another.  It's a new year, let's put in the effort to get things under control. Read More Here

Snow Closures
The Ommani Center always strives to be available for patient needs, but sometimes, in the face of inclement weather, the best way to keep our patients and employees healthy is to close the Center so people don't travel in dangerous weather.  If we find it necessary to close due to weather, our website will always carry a notice at the top of our home page.  Additionally, a closing notice is added to our voice mail system and publicized on television channel WTMJ 4 and WTMJ 620 Radio .  When we reopen after a closing, we call all scheduled patients to reschedule missed appointments. 

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