June 2018, Issue 85
The Monthly Jewel
 "Live for the air after pain and there will be no reason to run."    ~
Mark Nepo
Why Suicide? 
What we must do about the loss 
of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade

Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D.

In case you missed it, here is Dr. Kumar's informative piece 
on TMJ4's Morning Blend!
The Serving Size Secret You Must Know
 Mary Ann Riege, CHHC

Do you check the labels on foods you buy to learn the serving size of the product?  Doing so is time well spent - the perils of consuming excessive amounts of food in one sitting has dramatic effect on many of the body systems.  Are there ways to combat serving sizes that are too large?  You bet there are...Read More

by Maryanne Riege, CHHC

The Food as Medicine cooking class at MKE Public Market on July 18 is sold out! The next class is in September 5th! Detox!
Check the website to register   MKE Public Market -DETOX 
Keep your Cool with Yoga This Summer!

Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT, RM

 It's wonderful to learn that simple breathing techniques and an easy "wall pose" can cool us down when the weather is hot and steamy.  Shelley provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to use these restorative, yoga methods to cool down and enjoy.  Don't wait, give them a try.

Discount only available on individual massages, not packages. Massage must be scheduled and used 
during the months of June & July.
Introducing Eric Ehrke, 

Our new psychotherapist has tools he's developed over forty years of learning, practice, and discovery.  Balance is required to feel happy and whole.  In this brief introductory piece, Eric describes his care specialties and approach to work with clients to help guide them to that place of happy wholeness.  He has spent his entire career learning potent strategies to help clients find solutions to emotional, behavioral, intellectual, and/or energetic challenges.  Take a look and see what he has to offer... More here

Finding Your Purpose in Life

By Boris Matthews, Ph.D., LCSW

What is the Japanese concept of "ikigai?"  Ponder the ikigai diagram and see whether it helps you come closer to realizing your soul's code or provides information that will help you attune to that combination of activities that will lead you to real purpose.  There's nothing to lose; take a look. Read more...

"Let's Be Real"...How to Live an Authentic Life - 
with Mary Brill, LCSW  
A workshop beginning September 7, 2018

You get to a point where the old life no longer works. 
The possibilities are limitless when group energy
collides with intent. It takes courage to express your dreams, desires, and what you
yearn for. It involves accepting support to bring your aspirations into form. It requires clearing obstacles that get in your way.

Dates: 9/7/18- 11/16/18, alternate Friday's
Time: 10:30AM-12:30PM
Fee: $570 must be paid before September 7th
Register via email  -  Mary@brillcounseling.com

Mary Brill, LCSW is an experienced psychotherapist who uses her skills in problem
solving and mentoring to help people develop their inner resources. She has lead national and international seminars and tours focused on personal growth, dreams, feminine wisdom and spirituality. She is known for her unique ability to tame the inner critic and foster self-acceptance.  

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